October 10, 2011 - Final Harvest Monday

This will be the final harvest post for 2011. Everything has been harvested from the garden, with the exception of some strawberries and a few tomatoes, which may or may not be added to the final totals. I will try to do an overview of individual crop totals soon, as well as what worked and what didn't turn out so great this year.

Harvest Totals October 3 - October 9

Beets - 2.94 pounds
Carrots - 6 pounds
Lettuce - 1.69 pounds
Peppers, sweet - 10.69 pounds
Strawberries - 1 pound
Tomatoes - 10.69 pounds

Total harvest for the week: 33.94 pounds
Total harvest for the year to date: 543.31 pounds

Please join in the Harvest Monday at Daphne's Dandelions!


  1. Everything looks good..and hopefully it's the finally :o)

  2. Lovely harvest Granny. I notice you use the same scissors that I do in the garden. I like the orange handles that are easy to find as I leave them all over the place.

  3. Wow, you really work it right up until the last minute!

  4. Great harvests, especially those carrots. You have had a good year, and good luck with your travels.

  5. What a great harvest Granny! I think that you are going to be busy taking care of those harvests before leaving!

    You should not worry about doing an overview until you get to Arizona. You have a lot to do and have had a very emotional day today. So, please take it as easy as you can.

  6. Look at all those beautiful carrots! You really got a nice bounty from your garden this year despite the rather strange weather year we all experienced.

  7. wow.....your food just keeps coming! You have amazing yields..It all looks so healthy, too! Thank you for sharing, it helps us all learn how to grow like you.....p.s. do rest now, you deserve it.....:-)

  8. oh, forgot to ask--

    do you compost or do anything special to your soil...it must be amazing. I'm still working on a yard that has terrible soil...any advice on what you do special to get that amount of food production-amazing....just share when you have time, but I want a garden like you have that produces food at that amount! robbie:-)

  9. 33 pounds this time of year! That's a great harvest. We'll miss your garden this winter. We'll miss ours too!

  10. For a final harvest that looks great!

  11. Gee I guess I fell behind this week on following the harvest blogs. Looks like overall you had a good week.

    Noticed you mentioned on Thursday's Cupboard that you frozen beets. WE used to do them that way but never in their own juice but I never cared for them frozen.

    Sorry to hear about Cookie.

  12. What a beautiful harvest! Thanks for sharing it.