February 18, 2013 - She Did it Again

My daughter did it again.  She sent me another message; "Don't you blog any more?"  Well, yes and no....................

I've blogged this month.  

Nothing exciting is happening in my life at the moment.  

I have Blogger's block.

It's too cold.

Nobody really cares that our septic tank backed up last week, so we bit the bullet and hooked up to the city sewer, and now we have two big dirt squares in our driveway that must be filled with concrete.  Or that the city codes insisted we put a clean out within two feet of the house, so it sits smack dab in front of the garage entry door.  Or that they cut my irrigation line that went to the planter that used to sit just to the right of that box on the porch, so now I'll have to dig it up and repair it.

Nobody really cares that Annie got into a fight with a great big tiger, and it took a bite out of her ear.  Oh, OK, so it wasn't a tiger.  It was a veterinarian with a sharp knife, and he cut out a cancerous growth.  We still love her, holey ear and all.

Nobody really cares that I've lost a few pounds, and I fit into my skinny jeans now.  Bad thing about it is the more I lose, the more everything sags!  Oh, I did get myself a cool stationary bike so I can get in shape for gardening season  if spring ever comes.

Somebody might care that I did get the plant shelves set up and almost ready for starting my seedlings!  Not until March 10 though.  I always start too many, too early.  This year I'm going to try some restraint.

February 3, 2013 - Supermess Sunday

Superbowl Sunday is our day for relaxing with the family, while enjoying the game.  No cooking, no decorating, just stuffing our faces with junk food all day, and making a big supermess.

The mess is getting deep, real early in the game.

One of the three game viewing areas.

And the mess goes on....and on and on!  Too bad I didn't get pictures when Scott dropped a can of Coke and it spilled all over the floor and under the refrigerator.  Then, just as he got that wiped up, he turned around and kicked the dog's dish and sent dog food flying all through the kitchen and down the hallway.

Classy "beverage center", huh?

Yes, this was my little section in the kitchen  :-(

We kept the "take and bake" pizzas coming, and it didn't take long to empty the trays.

Dominos delivered the hot wings.

Amy said they were very, very hot wings.

They were very sticky, saucy wings!

John arrived late, but still got some food and drink.

 I think somebody needed a nap.

 Our family football pool squares filled up pretty well.  I had the win almost assured....until Baltimore made that final play.  John, who had entered the pool mid-game (we almost didn't let him in, because the Ravens were so far ahead at the time), walked away with the $95 win for score and a winning team side bet.  He wasn't even here to collect, as he'd left for home when he thought I had won the entire pot!    

I think everyone had a good time, and there wasn't a lot of cleanup other than throwing away the plates, napkins, boxes and bags.  Well, I do think I'd better move the refrigerator out today, just to make sure there's no more sticky Coke under it.