January 27, 2015 - Family update

This is Amy, Granny's daughter. I have had a couple of requests for an update on Granny's family, for those of you who got to know us through her writings and photos, so in honor of her birthday yesterday, here it is.
Since losing our beloved Mother/Grandmother/Wife, we are all adjusting fairly well. For those of you who've lost a parent, you know the saying "life goes on" is true to it's word, but I must say it just isn't quite as sweet without having her to share it with. Almost 9 months later, I still find myself picking up the phone to call her, or wanting to send her a photo on the computer. We (the kids) have all been taking good care of Mr. Granny, as well as the new additions to our families. We've added 2 new great grandchildren to the crew! Granny would have eaten them up! You all know she loved those babies.

  June 2014

    Father's Day

Scott, Amy, Shannon, John & Mr. Granny.

The grandkids (and significant others) & great-grand kids with Mr. Granny.

July 2014
Alicyn (Amy's daughter) has taken up Taekwondo and is working towards getting her
green belt next month.
Granny would have been so proud (and slightly scared) of her!!

August 2014
She also stared kindergarten!
October 2014
Alicyn turned 6, and Amaya (Amy's granddaughter) turned 1!

 November 2014
The family welcomed Madilyn Grace. (Shannon's granddaughter)

And in January 2015
We welcomed "Little" Jack (Amy's grandson & Amaya's little brother)


Hope you all enjoyed it.

We are currently preparing for our annual Super bowl party, and Granny's presence will be greatly missed. I'm sure she'll be cheering from beyond...