June 13, 2021 - Together Again

 At  5:54 a.m., on the morning of June 11, 2021, our beloved Father drew his final breath before returning home to join our Mother. 

Jesus answered him, “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise.”

Luke 23:43

May 10,2020 - Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day Mom💕
🌸 Your flowers are beautiful 

January 27, 2015 - Family update

This is Amy, Granny's daughter. I have had a couple of requests for an update on Granny's family, for those of you who got to know us through her writings and photos, so in honor of her birthday yesterday, here it is.
Since losing our beloved Mother/Grandmother/Wife, we are all adjusting fairly well. For those of you who've lost a parent, you know the saying "life goes on" is true to it's word, but I must say it just isn't quite as sweet without having her to share it with. Almost 9 months later, I still find myself picking up the phone to call her, or wanting to send her a photo on the computer. We (the kids) have all been taking good care of Mr. Granny, as well as the new additions to our families. We've added 2 new great grandchildren to the crew! Granny would have eaten them up! You all know she loved those babies.

  June 2014

    Father's Day

Scott, Amy, Shannon, John & Mr. Granny.

The grandkids (and significant others) & great-grand kids with Mr. Granny.

July 2014
Alicyn (Amy's daughter) has taken up Taekwondo and is working towards getting her
green belt next month.
Granny would have been so proud (and slightly scared) of her!!

August 2014
She also stared kindergarten!
October 2014
Alicyn turned 6, and Amaya (Amy's granddaughter) turned 1!

 November 2014
The family welcomed Madilyn Grace. (Shannon's granddaughter)

And in January 2015
We welcomed "Little" Jack (Amy's grandson & Amaya's little brother)


Hope you all enjoyed it.

We are currently preparing for our annual Super bowl party, and Granny's presence will be greatly missed. I'm sure she'll be cheering from beyond...


May 20, 2014 - Thank You!

I would like to thank each and every one of you in the blogging world for all your kind words, thoughts and prayers over the past couple of months. My Mother truly loved her blog family, and all your support before her passing meant so much to her. My family will forever be grateful to all of you, her friends, for bringing her such happiness over the years. Please continue to pass on her knowledge as her words live on through her blog, and GARDEN FOR GRANNY forever!
Thank you again, Amy

May 7, 2014 - Goodbye Granny.

Carol L. Hattrup passed away peacefully on May 7, 2014 after battling cancer with her family by her side.

Carol was born on January 26, 1939 to Ethel P. Rowden (Morefield) and Harry E.W. Forge, in Lewiston, Idaho. She married R. John Kunze in 1956, and had 2 sons, the youngest being born just days after her husband's death in 1959. In 1962 she married John (Jack) Hattrup, and together they had 3 more children. Jack’s job took them to Baker Oregon, and then Walla Walla Washington, before settling in Pasco in 1974, where they built their business and raised their family.

Carol was an avid gardener, blogger, talented artist and a lover of music, but first and foremost a wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.
She was preceded in death by her parents and beloved step-father, H. Fred Morefield and son Richard Kunze. She will be greatly missed by those who survive her; husband Jack, of 52 years, sister Cristy Palmer (Jim), sons R. John Kunze and Scott Hattrup, daughters Shannon Hattrup and Amy Davis (Bryan), grandchildren Shawn, Jared, Shayna, Alicia, Ethan, Sierra, Kevin and Alicyn, and great grandchildren Carter, Cambri, Remington, Bryson and Amaya.

At her request, there will be no service. 

I'm not ready to say goodbye,
but I'll wipe my tears and dry my eyes,
for you'll live on in all we do,
as each of us is part of you.
And much like the seeds in the gardens you've grown,
your words have been planted, your love has been sown.
I'm not ready to say goodbye,
but I'll go on, and I'll survive,
for with each spring blossom, each laugh and each tear,
I will think of you always and know that you're here.

Amy Davis

April 26, 2014 - Good Morning, but it really isn't.

Hang in there, because I'm having some really big problems even running the computer this morning. I'll have Amy post the rest of this blog entry for me to try to explain....

This is Amy.

Granny's just not able to make things work this morning. A couple of days ago she took a pretty big spill and landed right on the back of her head. Since then she has had trouble keeping her train of thought, and making her fingers type what her brain wants them to. She has a doctor appointment on Monday to see where we go from here, however, up to now, the doctor has done absolutely nothing, and has yet to even start the chemo. For now, I will be her fingers, and I will post for her as needed. She still looks forward to reading those comments, so keep 'em coming!

April 22, 2014 - Easter Sunday

Bryson and Remington



Cambri and (I think) Carter (lower left).  (lower right''.......duh!  Carter is NOT the Easter Bunny, LOL)  I think he went from here straight to the beach!


 Amaya and Alicyn


Alicyn and Amaya

Guess who loves her camera.  Would that be Grandma Amy by any chance?  LOL!  Celeste, Cambi and Carter's mother, runs a close second, but we need to get Bryson and Remington's mother, Shayna, in high gear.

I hope you all had a marvelous Easter.

April 21, 2014 - Please Forgive Me!

I awoke this morning and immediately, as usual, opened my email.  I saw it was a friend, with the message that her computer had been compromised, DO NOT OPEN!

Taking no chances, The first thing I did was a deep scan of all files.  It took about 1-1/2 hours.  No infection was found, but to be on the safe side, I deleted all of my email and I also rolled the computer back 3 days.

So forgive me, but everything I received after yesterday afternoon is no more.  All of your current comments are kaput.  I think you'd agree that is better than infecting your computers!

I'll do my Easter blog tomorrow!