October 23, 2008: Granny and the Drug Squad

I was just reading about Cynthia's poppies on her blog. I was going to leave a comment about my experience with growing them, but my comment soon became long enough to be a blog.

Many years ago I was admiring the gorgeous poppies in the yard of an elderly couple, and they kindly gave me some seeds to plant. At that time, our house was adjacent to a vacant piece of land, a hillside, that rose away from our back yard. I could imagine how beautiful a sea of poppies tumbling down the hill would be, so I scattered the seeds and let them land where they may. Sure enough, the poppies blossomed and it was a glorious sight. Around that same time, our local newspaper published an article about opium poppies and how to tell the difference by the shape of the seed pod. I ran out to my lovelies, and sure enough....I was growing a field of opium! I called the local police department, and they sent out the drug squad. They ripped out all of my beautiful poppies.

Someday I'll tell you about my marijuana plant!

On second thought, I'd better not leave you in the dark. We had a small rental, with a young man as a tenant. When he moved out, I went to clean it up and noticed the prettiest plant growing in the front flower garden, one I had never seen before. Again, the local paper happened to print an article (I swear, those newspaper people must have been watching me!), this time about marijuana plants. Yep, that was what was growing in the flower bed. I hurried over to remove it, but someone had evidently identified it before I did, as it was already gone, roots and all.

Now you know all about my "dark" past!


  1. Bad, OB, bad!! But oh so funny!

    A year or so ago Mike and the neighbors were talking at their house and Mike noticed a pot plant, front and center, in their flower bed. We laughed a lot about that as they had no idea what it was or even how it got there. The next day we found not one, not two, but four of them in our yard. All over the place. When the town found out they went walking (city clerk I guess) and found pot plants in almost everyone's front yards. (tiny tiny town here)

    They're assuming seeds were transported by the wind or some kids pulled a good one.

  2. That's so funny! When I was in high school I was a teacher's assistant for the horticulture teacher and he would regularly find marijuana seedlings amongs all the other plants... sneaky kids thinking they could grow their drugs in the school greenhouse. We always had good laughs about that.

  3. Granny - that was funny! I've never experienced anything like that before.....

  4. Granny, you're a hoot, and EG you LIE! I can totally see you placing those plants throughout the neighborhood just for a laugh.

    Seriously Granny, one day at the grocery when the bag boy asked "paper of plastic?" the man answered "Plastic for her homegrown." Of course, he was joking, but what he didn't know was that the cashier, the bag boy and the three others hanging around were all my students.

    Nice. Really nice.

  5. Nah...i'd never grow anything like that...maybe throw some at cars coming by, but not grow any. :)

  6. After reading Cynthias post I was thinking about growing poppies for the seed next year. I'd make my perennial garden work for a living. But after your post I'm going to have to be careful about what seed I put in. I hadn't thought about getting the wrong kind of poppy seed. LOL

  7. Many years ago I had a false aralia plant growing in our hallway. The neighbor thought it was a marijuana plant and I found out she was putting stuff in the pot trying to kill it.

  8. I have avoided growing the edible poppy seed for awhile for this reason alone. I feared someone would get the wrong idea (especially when we lived on a military base and I had a garden there!). But when we moved to where we are living now I figured no one would care or notice if I grew some of the beautiful breadseed poppies. That is as long as they don't populate the open field behind my house!! LOL!

  9. hahaha, your always a bright(as in funny) spot in the blogger world.

    I have spotted pot plants in a couple of my neighbors yards in the past. What even flouts your boat I guess.

  10. Granny you are the most. lol Sounds like you were being watched.
    We experienced somewhat the same but to long to go into. Funny, funny, funny.