July 18, 2008

I planted an entire packet of “Kentucky Wonder” bush green beans (NK, no cost, gift from neighbor) in the first bed (north) spacing them 4” apart in all directions. That took up over half of that bed. Next in the same bed, I planted two rows of “Red Ace Hybrid” beets (Ed Hume, $1.99 pkt.), a 6-inch wide row of “Scarlet Nantes” carrots (Ed Hume, $1.49 pkt.), and one row of “Red Sail” lettuce (Ed Hume, $1.99 pkt.). I put the carrot seed in a jar, poked some small holes in the top and shook them over the six-inch wide row. Hopefully that will space them more sparsely than tapping them from the packet.

Harvested some crookneck squash & zucchini from the spring planting. The zucchini is prolific enough, the crookneck is delicious, but have only picked about four so far.

“Burpee's Stringless Green Pod” bush beans (spring planting) are disappointing, I’m not getting enough per picking for a meal. I tore out the back row and I’m letting the later plantings take over, which were leftover seeds from previous years. I think those were “Tendergreen” and “Contender“.

Larger pots of bush cucumbers are producing, but a plant in a smaller pot on the patio just has a lot of blossoms, I will move it into the new garden. I’ve already picked a half dozen nice sized cucumbers from the larger plants.

I purchased 50' of wire fence and 8 metal fence posts to keep the puppies out of the garden, as they are loving to dig in the new beds of compost. Hopefully we'll get the fence up soon.

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