July 20, 2008

We constructed the fence today. It took exactly 50-feet of the wire fencing, the amount on one roll. What a relief to know the garden will be safe from the puppies! The other smashed fence won’t get replaced until after the vegetables in that bed are all harvested and the plants pulled out. Until then, I’ll just have to put up with those boards propping it up.

I went to The Flower Farm and purchased one plant of “Italian Flat Leaf” parsley ($2.00), one plant of “Arp” rosemary ($2.00) and one plant of “Purple Ruffles” basil ($2.00). The parsley and basil had several stems that had gone to seed and the roots were compacted. I shouldn’t have paid so much for an annual plant (basil), but I wanted some quick color in the garden. The rosemary was a nice healthy looking plant, but a bit small. I lost last year’s rosemary to a hard frost, so hope to have better luck with this one.

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