October 13, 2008: Looking Back on 2008

My 2008 gardening season has come to an end. Looking back, it's been quite a productive year considering the catastrophe that led to its beginning. I am really looking forward to spring, when I can get an early start to a larger, more diverse garden.

This will be the end of the gardening portion of my blog for a few months, but I hope you'll continue reading and responding through the winter. We'll be leaving for Arizona a week after our daughter has her baby, which is due any day now. Through the winter, we take a lot of 4-wheel-drive trips through the desert, and I usually have a lot of photos to share. This will be the first trip south for the puppies, so stay tuned for Annie & Otter's Awesome Arizona Adventures! I'll also continue to post my favorite recipes from time to time.

I'll leave you with a look back at my 2008 gardening experience. I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I.


  1. I love seeing your garden in a slideshow. It looks amazing! I am anxiously waiting on baby news and the pups adventures!

  2. You can bet I'm going to miss your garden blog. You do know I only read gardening blogs... hehe just kidding, I'll make an exception for Granny! It will be good to live vicariously through you in the winter heat...

    Still, I hope you are still getting greens for the bunnies and maybe a salad or two while you wait! Stay warm and travel safe!

  3. Great slideshow granny. Thanks for taking the time to put it together, and thank you for being my gardening pal.

  4. Betty, I'll blog the minute that baby is born! Well...soon after, when I have pictures.

    Sinfonian, I'm still getting those greens. As usual, we got one killing frost and now the temps are back up to the 70s and 40s.

    I'm not looking forward to a 1200 mile trip with a rabbit in a large cage and two puppies who have never ridden over 40 miles at one time. In a small Ranger pickup. At least it has an extended cab, so the animals can stay nice and warm with us. And we only have to spend one night in a motel, luckily it's a "pet room", so the entire menagerie will get a warm night's sleep! Let's all pray for NO SNOW!!

    EG, my dear, dear garden buddy. Thank you for just being you.

  5. Love the slide show.

    It's strange that you had a frost before we did here in Chicago. I can still delude myself a little longer that it's not totally over yet.

    Good luck to you and yours with the baby and the move.

  6. Thank you, Cheryl. The trip south is one we've been doing for about fourteen years now, so we could probably do it blindfolded! The only unknown is how well the puppies will travel, and how they will adapt to their winter home. No worry with the rabbit, as this will be his 7th. year. He travels just fine.