November 20, 2008: It's My Money, and I Want It NOW!!

Don't you just hate that commercial? I don't like it, but I know how people can feel sometimes.

It wasn't bad enough that I ran up over $60 in overtime cell phone minutes dealing with DISH Network and AAA. Just before leaving Washington, on October 17th. to be exact, I took my high speed internet modem back to Charter Cable and canceled my internet service. I was told, at that time, that I had a $10 credit coming. So what did I get in today's mail? A bill, noting they had debited my bank account for another month! Not only did I NOT get my $10 refund, I was charged an additional $43.24!

I've had previous problems dealing with this company. When I first signed up for high speed cable, I told them I did not have cable in my home, I was quoted $29.99 per month, plus a $3 modem rental charge. When my first bill arrived, I was charged $39.99 for the service. I called to inquire why it was $10 more than I was originally quoted, and was informed there was an additional charge if I didn't have their TV cable service. Hello, people....I told you at the time I signed up for the service that I didn't have cable. In fact, you had to send someone out to bring the cable into the house (a month late, I might add. And yes, there was a dispute there, as I was billed for the entire month before it was even installed). Well, I went around and around with them, because that was NOT the price I was quoted. Even though they were, by then, running a $19.99 a month special, I lost the fight. So I ended up having to pay $43.24 a month. Not a happy camper here.

Dear Charter Cable,

You owe me $53.24. It's MY MONEY, and I WANT IT NOW!!

Annie's (unhappy) Granny

PS: 1:15 p.m. and our cell phone service has been down all day (ATT), now our satellite internet service is non-functional as well (Hughes). I can't call Charter, nor can I contact them via their website. I can't even post this to my blog yet. Sometimes it's a pain being in the middle of nowhere in Arizona :-(


  1. WOW, Granny! Two posts in one day? You are serious! :)

    Ok, two comments in one response. It's totally illegal for one single baby to be that adorable. Think of all of the ugly babies out there now that she's taken all the gorgeous points.

    Second, GO AFTER THOSE BUGGERS in the cable business or any other business that thinks they can charge you other than what they originally agreed to!

  2. Ribbit, I wish I could lay it on those buggers, but I still don't have any cell phone service! It's never been down this long. I'm wondering what to do next spring...I have two choices. Go back to Charter for high speed or pay for a land line and dial up! Not much of a choice, huh?

    I should be home, holding/spoiling that pretty baby :-(

  3. I feel your pain dealing with companies and their deceptive practices...telling you one price to get you in the door and then charging another. It's called bait and switch and it's illegal. Lodging a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (or a threat to lodge one) can be helpful. Sounds like it's too late for the cable people, but it's something to keep in mind for the future.

  4. Cheryl, that's why I canceled my internet service with them, rather than paying them a small amount to snowbird the account. If/when I sign up with them again, I will get it in writing, and I will NOT use auto pay.

  5. Geez,'re starting to sound like a crotchety old lady!

    crotch·et·y [króchətee]
    irritable: irritable and difficult to please.

    Love ya'!

  6. And where have you been living, missy...under a rock? I AM a crotchety old lady, and proud of it.


    (When did you start calling me "ma"?)

  7. Oh, I'd be mad too!

  8. Granny, I was just checking in on ya. Haven't seen you around for a few days, and hope all is well with you and Mr H.