October 19, 2009: On the Road Again

After a delicious steak dinner last night, we came back to our room and hit the sack early. Annie and Otto were so happy to see us walk into the room! I think they thought they had been abandoned in a strange place! Otto immediately tunneled under the covers and fell asleep on my feet, but Annie was a bit edgy off and on all night. She thinks she's the big family protector, and must stay on guard against strange hotel sounds. Luckily it never got any worse than a low growl or a muffled, soft "woof", but I was restless most of the night waiting for her to erupt into full fledged barking. We woke up at 2:30this morning, bright and bushy tailed from having gone to bed so early, but forced ourselves to go back to sleep. We'll be leaving around 7, which should put us "home" around 5-6 this evening.

This will be my last post for ??? There aren't a lot of options for internet service in our little town. I can only hope the library has their satellite service up and running. In the meantime, my daughter has learned to post to my blog....and she can even publish the comments now, LOL, so I'll have her drop in and let everyone know what's up if I can't.

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  1. I hope the rest of the trip is uneventful and that all of you (Annie too!) get more rest once you are back on your own home turf again.