October 23, 2009: Everything is Under Control

Well, almost everything. DISH sent out an installer and got three TVs and an extra outlet installed, so I don't have to watch sports with Mr. H now. Our water heater was under warranty with Sears, so that will be repaired....but not until Monday. We're still heating water on the stove for washing dishes and bodies. The toilets have both been repaired, so no more buckets of water in the bathrooms. I've started the yard cleanup, and we actually removed one of the old palo verde trees from the back, which just might tempt me to build a 4'x8' garden back there.

Internet connection has been very poor, I couldn't get on at all after about 7:00 am yesterday, and I'm just now getting on today....let's hope it will connect long enough to post this! But guess what...that might all change before long.

See that tower that's right across the street? That will become a new WIFI tower that's supposed to reach out 30 miles. I have no idea when it will be finished though. I've heard it is eventually supposed to be 100 feet high, but right now it's probably about 20'.

Just look at this mess I had to rig together to get water to all the plants through the summer. I had to have three outlets coming from one timer.

See what I bought and installed! Isn't it lovely! And it gives me a fourth faucet!

Our little ficus tree is toast. It was nice and green when we left it, and our neighbor said it stayed green all summer. He left for two weeks, and he turned the sprinkler up on it, thinking it might need more water....I think he drowned it. When I checked the drip system, the water was about two inches deep around the tree basin in less than five minutes. I think we'll just get a desert tree to replace it...a palo verde or desert willow.

The palm looks good and healthy. We'll trim her "skirt" off tomorrow and make her pretty again.

This is my "garden" area before cutting down one of the palo verde trees. Quite different from my Washington garden, huh?

With the tree out, I'm thinking of turning these 2 3'x3' beds into one 4'x8' bed. It has proved to be a good spot to grow lettuce and carrots through the winter.

The lettuce seedlings and rosemary are happy in their new environment.

I'm still on line, but I'd better not push it. Fingers are crossed that I can publish this......here goes!


  1. I so couldn't handle a second house. I have enough trouble keeping this house up. It will be strange seeing you with a tiny garden again.

  2. That palm tree is stunning. Your kitchen garden patch looks like it could be quite productive and keep you from climbing the walls all winter!

    The picture of the lettuces reminds me that I need to tranplant some of my lettuces into the greenhouse containers this weekend. The first hard frosts will be coming soon and I want to keep the lettuces going as long as possible.

  3. I'm glad everything is coming together for ya, granny. I certainly hope the internet thing gets better soon, because I know it's driving you nuts!

  4. It looks so familiar. My favorites were those skinny cacti that bloomed like crazy after the rain? Ocotillo, Eric reminds me. So nice.

    that garden area should be wildly productive.

  5. Woohoo! You did it. I'm thrilled to see the garden taking shape.

  6. Wow, I better catch up on your previous posts....

    Hope all is well come Monday!

  7. your palm is beautiful! I hope your wifi tower gets completed soon, that will certainly make your life easier. Everything is so different looking than your WA garden, must be something that takes getting used to the first few weeks every year!

  8. Oh, yay! It's nice hearing from you again Granny!

  9. Thanks, Thomas. I'll try to post as often as I can get on. Like today...I've had a connection almost the entire day! Many days I have none, and my daughter is kind enough to publish the comments for me. I feel badly then that I can't answer them.