February 14, 2010: When Is February 13 Like July 4?

When is February 13th, like the Fourth of July? When it's The Annual Lake Havasu City WinterBlast!

My friend Esther and I drove into Lake Havasu City this afternoon (Saturday), to secure a good viewing spot for the Western Pyrotechnics Convention and Fireworks Show. This annual event is worth the drive, and attracts thousands of people each year. Cars are bumper to bumper vying for the best parking spots, motor homes pull in days in advance and set up housekeeping in the vicinity.

The pre-show begins at dusk, and the main fireworks start at 8:00 p.m. The show gets over around nine, but it takes nearly an hour of crawling at a snail's pace in traffic to get back out onto the highway.


  1. Gosh, that IS just like July 4th. It's always fun to watch a good firewoeks show. Thanks for the video, Granny.

  2. Hi! I love fireworks, thanks for sharing part of that amazing show. Happy Valentine's Day. Peace and Love, Stephanie

  3. I love Lake Havasu - have not been there in absolutely years, but have fond memories of the London bridge and the park there.

    Thanks for sharing the firework show!

  4. Annie, thank you so much for sharing the fireworks video. It was fabulous the same as your blogsite!


  5. There goes a rather significant amount of cash! I have a friend in the fireworks industry, and you could fit my whole house in his bathroom!