June 17, 2011 - The Garden Mid-June (part 2 of 3)

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The North Garden

North garden bed #1. The Fortex pole beans are beginning to climb both sides of the kennel fence. They had to be replanted after our horrid, cold spring. Now the carrots in front are visible. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed they don't get eaten. Maybe I'll put some bird protection over them to play safe.

North garden bed #2, and the whiskey barrels. I'm just getting a strawberry or two once in a while, but the plants are growing stronger, and the blossoms are looking larger. Sunflowers are growing next to the fence.

North garden bed #3. Raspberries.....drool. The whiskey barrel, former home of the Romaine lettuce, now holds zucchini seeds.

The first two raspberries of 2011. Yes, I shared with Mr. Granny. Because there were two. Yes, I ate the biggest one.

North garden bed #4. The Royal Burgundy bush beans have buds, so should be blossoming soon. The indeterminate tomatoes are finally growing, and one of the Pink Brandywines is fruiting. The mature lettuce at the back of this bed needs to be harvested soon. It's not bolting yet, but I fear it might be getting bitter. Cookie will eat it if we can't.

North garden bed #5. I've removed a few of the large bottom leaves from the cabbages, as the slugs had turned them to lace. I'm still harvesting a few side shoots from the broccoli, but I've decided as soon as this bed is harvested it will become the hoop bed. I'll have to add some boards to one side, but it will be so much easier to keep covered than that bed with no sides. My beautiful lilies are on their last legs, and will be deadheaded soon.

North garden bed #6. This is actually a small spot next to the lettuce bed, where I put in a few carrots. I had them protected from the birds, so they had a better chance of growing. That's lobelia in front of them, not weeds ;-)

There's a spare broccoli plant back in the corner. It has grown taller than the compost bin!

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  1. It all looks good Granny! Tell me what time your going out so I can sneak into the Raspberry patch :o)..They look like they grow fast..Your gardens show that somebody is working hard..

  2. The raspberry patch is looking awesome. Ours is flourishing this year as well, but we are about two weeks behind you. I have flowers/fruit set happening so I won't be that far behind you on this crop. Your cabbages look like they are thriving in that location.

  3. Ginny, those raspberries are probably the most welcomed crop! Mr. Granny and I will be eating them for our breakfast every morning. Maybe there will even be enough for a batch of jam this year!

    Kitsap, I'm anxious for the cabbages, especially the green ones that I use more for cooking. I don't know why I planted so many red ones that will mature all at once....we'll be eating a lot of cole slaw and sweet and sour cabbage, that's for sure.

  4. Dan, I thought I'd have a nice bowl full for breakfast, but it turned cold again, no ripe berries :-(

  5. Gosh, everything is looking so nice. And you SHARED???????? You're sweet. And a far far better lady than I!
    (yesterday was the first ripe strawberry. Dear Don knows NOTHING of this! Lest I sound TOO terrible, I DO always give him the biggest blueberries!)

  6. Oh, I am quite the sharer, Sue. OK, so he hasn't had a taste of strawberries yet, but there were so few of those. I can see a lot of raspberries ripening, so I don't have to be stingy with them! I actually gave son John all of the snap peas (a whole pound) and all of the broccoli (a half pound) that I picked yesterday....then I cooked store bought frozen veggies for our dinner!