April 13, 2014 - A Tree For Mom

The boys showed up with a special gift for their Mom.

 A lovely, flowering tree.  Scott supervised while John did the work.

 They went for a dogwood, but those were all on back order.  So they bought a flowering crabapple.  Now I can tease them about planting a crabby tree for a crabby old lady, LOL!

Scott's dog, Lola, helped.  Oh yes, she did!

That was a very thoughtful gift, my dear boys.

I love you.


  1. You did something right when you raised those boys. :-) Beautiful gift!

  2. Lovely tree Granny. Crab apples are so pretty.

  3. Such a beautiful gift! The blooms' fragrance will be intoxicating.

  4. That will look so pretty flowering in the spring!! Wonderful gift! Nancy

  5. Dear sweet Granny, how wonderful is this!!! Granny, a dogwood is one of my favorite trees and a crept myrtle. Is that what the tree is by your garden? The view from your backdoor is looking lovely with all the trees filling out. You were in my thoughts today. :) Hope you're feeling well. Big, big hugs!!!

    1. Tammy, it's not a dogwood, which is what they went for. Those were all on back order, so they bought the flowering crabapple tree instead. The flowering tree in the background is my lilac tree.

  6. I'm starting to think maybe you're not a crabby old lady, cuz that family of yours sure does "show the love".
    It's beautiful---I hope it brightens your springs for many years.

  7. That's my favorite tree, and now I'll think about you every time I see one. When I was a child, we had a mature one in the front yard, and every year it bloomed around my birthday. I've tried to repeat that, and have been thinking again, recently, about finding a tree. They're beautiful!

  8. Very pretty, what a thoughtful gift.

  9. i love flowering crabapple. so sweet of your boys!