August 3, 2009: Monday Harvest

Each week Daphne's Dandelions hosts Monday Harvest. Be sure to visit her blog to see who is harvesting what this week!

July 27th; 5 pounds 13 oz. tomatoes, 1 pound cucumbers,
1 pound 5 oz. green peppers, 7 oz. pole beans, 9 oz. crookneck squash

9 pounds 2 ounces

July 28; 1 lb. 9 oz. shallots (cleaned weight), 7 lb., 4 oz. tomatoes, 6 oz. onions,
4 oz. carrots, 1 lb. 14 oz. cucumbers, 11 oz. crookneck, 14 oz. green peppers, 5 oz. jalapenos, 9 oz. strawberries

13 pounds 12 ounces

July 29; 7 lb. 8 oz. potatoes (final dig), 2 lb. 1 oz. crookneck,
5 lb. 6 oz. cucumbers, 2 lb. 13 oz. tomatoes, 8 oz. basil

18 pounds 4 ounces

July 30 (picked 3 times that day); 6 oz. mesclun, 9 lb. 15 oz. tomatoes,
2 lb. 4 oz. cucumbers, 1 lb. 8 oz. green peppers

14 pounds 1 ounce

July 31; 1 lb. 2 oz. cucumbers, 4 lb. 10 oz. tomatoes, 1 lb. 2 oz. strawberries

6 pounds 14 ounces

August 1; 3 lb. 6 oz. tomatoes, 15 oz. bell peppers, 6 oz. jalapenos, 10 oz. melon

5 pounds 5 ounces

August 2; 2 lb. 10 oz. cucumbers, 7 oz. pole beans,
4 oz. yellow crookneck, 13 lb. 4 oz. tomatoes

16 pounds 9 ounces

Total for week: 83 pounds 15 ounces
Total for 2009: 285 pounds 8 ounces


  1. Fantastic harvests! What is the green stuff in the jars? Peppers? -Jackie

  2. GOOD NIGHT, Granny. That's unbelieveable.

  3. WOW, things look fantastic!! My mouth is watering...

  4. Awesome weekly harvest! I love the little gnome figurines. :D

  5. Wow when you see it all laid out like that it is so much. Your daily harvest beats my weekly harvest. I think it must be the gnomes. Are they helping you garden? I need to get myself a good gnome.

  6. Jackie, LOL! That green stuff is my first batch of pickle relish. I got a bit carried away with the food coloring ;-)


    Ribbit, honey, that should be "GOOD MORNING, Granny". *smirk*


    ALi, thank you!


    KitsapFG and Daphne, Those gnomes are my garden magic. :-)

  7. Show off!!!! Ok....really, that is quite impressive to see, all laid out like that. The gnome thing is pretty messed up, though. You've got problems granny.....real problems. :-)

  8. EG, I have a third gnome out in the garden somewhere. He's the magic gnome ;-)

  9. Wow, all those beautiful tomatoes. Lettuce still too, you really have mad veggie gardening skills!

  10. Dan, the lettuce was just planted recently. I'm surprised it germinated, let alone grew in this heat! I actually have a few heads of Romaine that are nearly large enough to eat.

  11. Your harvests are so impressive AG! and everything is so colourful and healthy. You've pretty much collected a person's weight of veggies in one week! Truly inspirational =)

  12. 83 pounds for this past week!!! Wow! That's almost 30% of your harvest for 2009.

    Just incredible Granny! Wish I could be there to walk around your incredible garden with you!

  13. It really is over the top. I'm amazed you can eat it all, to tell you the truth. Are you running a secret soup kitchen? Do the neighbors pretend they don't see you and keep their cars locked? Impressive!

  14. LOL, Stefaneener. In the last two days, my two boys have probably left with 15 pounds of fresh food, plus jars of jam and/or relish. John went out with a bag of green beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, squash and sweet relish, Scott was here tonight for jam and some basil to go with the tomatoes he took yesterday. And Mr. H has a big appetite ;-)

    But I have to admit, I'm having to spend more time picking, cooking, canning and preserving and less time blogging right now.

  15. BEAUTIFUL! Absolutely beautiful pics of a wonderful harvest. I'm so inspired to do all I can with my garden to get as great results as you have :) .

  16. Thank you, Crystabel! That's two people I've inspired today...that makes me feel really good.