December 25, 2010 - Celebrating 100,000 Views

To celebrate the 100,000th. view of my blog, which took place on Christmas morning, I have decided to hold a little contest. Following, you will find 10 questions, and 10,000 points will be awarded for each correct answer, for a total of 100,000 possible points. If there is a tie for the greatest number of points, a random drawing will be held to determine the winner. All answers can be found somewhere in my blogs. The prize will be an assortment of garden seeds for your 2011 vegetable garden.

To enter, just leave a comment to this post by midnight December 31, 2010. The winner will be chosen by highest total points. If there is a tie, a random drawing will be made to determine the winner.

1. Who is Annie?
2. How old is Granny?
3. What is Granny's real first name?
4. Where was Granny born?
5. Who is Alicyn, and when was she born?
6. What was the title of my very first post on Annie's Kitchen Garden?
7. How many pints of salsa did Granny can in 2010?
8. What usually happens on Mondays at Annie's Kitchen Garden?
9. Why does Granny have a "kennel garden"?
10. What is the name of Annie's brother?

Good luck!

***I've decided not to publish the comments until Jan. 1, because the very first person to enter got 10 out of 10 correct. Not that I think you'd copy her answers, but I really want you all to work for the prize, LOL! Check back here for the top scores.

Wendy - 100,000 points
GrafixMuse - 100,000 points
Robin - 80,000 points (missed #4, #9)
Daphne - 70,000 points (missed #2, #4, #5)


  1. Merry Christmas to you all! I'm an avid follower but I've never posted a comment before.. mostly because I don't have a gardening blog up and running .. YET! I hope to get it started early in 2011. I actually found your blog when searching for garden goodies for our new pet rabbit, Sir Gallihad Poopypants, our chief contributor to compost in the garden! :) And boy does he ever contribute! :)

    Here's my answers to your questions:
    1. Annie is your precious girl dog, aka Annie Bloom! (the smarter of the 2 so we're told..)
    2. Your birthday is January 26th and you are 71 years young!
    3. Your REAL 1st name is Carol.
    4. You were born and raised in Lewiston, Idaho.
    5. Alicyn is your daughter Amy's daughter, your granddaughter and is the cutest lil garden helper ever! She was born 10/20/08 at 11:55.
    6. Your first post was titled 'Garden Diary 2008'.
    7. 40 pints is what I could find as the last total of salsa. Amazing!
    8. HARVEST MONDAY! It's the day you make all of us drool.. ha!
    9. You originally bought the kennel for the dogs but they would have nothing to do with it.. so you puppy-proofed the yard and let them have free reign. Then you moved the kennel to the back corner and use it as a trellis in the veggie garden.
    10. Otto!

    Thanks for this contest, it was fun to go searching for the answers. Your blog is very inspiring for me and I hope to have my own up and running to share along with all of you!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Congratulations on 100,000 views!! Thanks for the fun contest. Below are my answers:
    1. Sweet puppy dog
    2. 71 years old
    3. Carol
    4. Lewiston, Idaho
    5. Your beautiful Granddaughter, born on Oct 20,2008
    6. Garden Diary 2008
    7. 40 pints
    8. Harvest Mondays
    9. Creative repurposing of a kennel originally acquired for Annie and Otto, but they never used as a kennel because they were afraid of it. Now it is used as a trellis structure and to keep the dogs out of parts of the garden.
    10. Otter AKA Otto

  3. Happy Holidays Carol! I'll have to get in on your contest before it closes :-)

  4. Well I am just horrible at holding on to details like this - so won't even try - but want to tell you how much I love your blog and want to wish you and all of your family happy holidays!

  5. Dang it Granny I can only come up with 6 1/2 off the top of my head.
    1) One of your dogs
    2) Old enough hmm I should know this too, but hmm 73? I know it is in the 70s and younger than my folks, but you expect me to remember? I d0 remember the conversation. I thought you were still in your 60s for some reason.
    4)Not a clue
    5)Your great granddaughter, but I had to look up the date April 6th 2010 (it was my half)
    6) "Garden Diary 2008" - But had to look it up
    7) 40 but had to look it up
    8)Well it had better be Harvest Monday
    9)Because your dogs didn't like the kennel

  6. Hurry, Dan! I'll have some very nice seeds to give away!

    Aw, Kitsap. I wouldn't expect you to remember all that! That's why there's a search button at the top of Blogger. You just have to be a good detective ;-)

  7. Wendy and GrafixMuse are tied for first place so far. Daphne is in second place.

  8. Here are my answers Granny

    1. Granny's Dog
    2. 71
    3. Carol
    4. Pullman Washington
    5. Granddaughter October 20, 2008
    6. Garden Diary 2008
    7. 40
    8. Harvest Monday Post
    9. For the rabbit and dogs
    10. Otto

  9. Congrats, and a fun contest to be had!

  10. Just wanted to stop lurking long enough to say grats and Merry Christmas!! It's raining in the great PNW, so I'm jealous of your weather again.

  11. Thanks, Kelly.

    Carolynp, I hope you had a merry Christmas, too! It's pretty nice down here right now, but you should have seen the rain we got last week. When it does rain here, it doesn't fool around.