December 7, 2010 - Brain Hibernation

I've lost it. It's not only writer's block, it's total brain hibernation. Have you ever seen a time when I didn't have anything to say? Well, the time has come. Maybe I needed a bit of a blog break. The only thing I can think of to share with you today is........

I saw a package of four ears of corn in our local Safeway store, with a price of $4.99. That made me very proud that I grow most of our vegetables. I mean, a buck and a quarter for one ear of corn? Get real!

Merry Christmas to Me

My Christmas gift to myself.....the gift of caring.



  1. You may have brain freeze, but just know we all miss you and look forward to the day you get back home and back to gardening/blogging.
    Enjoy the warmth....but stay away from that over-priced corn!! Cripes!

  2. ...but sometimes a fresh ear of corn is worth whatever you have to pay for it!

    I'm so addicted to my blog now that I don't think I could go for any lenght of time without internet access. I'm thinking I may buy an ipad so I can have access on the go.

    Enjoy the's cold here!

  3. Making a donation is a wonderful idea. Thanks for posting about it.
    Sorry you have writer's block. Miss reading your blog!

  4. My mom and uncle give each other Christmas gifts like that. They both donate in each others names.

  5. Well Granny, it sounds like you have bloggers block!! Just take it easy and let us know that you are OK. Before you know will be back home and gardening like mad!

    That's the best gift to give :)

    Miss you

  6. Eeek! Makes me happy to garden! I like your Christmas gift to yourself.

  7. The muse of your writing is back in Washington state (in large part) so I can see how your blogging would become less flowing right now. I always slow down a bit this time of year as well, there just is not that much to write about during November and December. Things start picking up again in January with the beginning of the indoor seed starting process but until then, it's some very light harvesting and a few odds and ends projects.

  8. Hi Granny! Sorry to hear about your blogger's block, but I do hope you're at least enjoying the brain hibernation to some degree. Or at least enjoying the slower pace of life?

    Ha, who am I kidding. I can feel your boredom all the way over here in Indiana. :-)

    Just wanted to know that I'm still thinking about you!

  9. OMG, what happen to her? so sad to see her liked that. I hope someone can help her and to feel the real christmas.

    Just like to share with you a beautiful quote...

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  10. Tanya, you can read about Marlie on my blog and at the Wunderfund Org. websites....