January 22, 2011 - And the Prizes Go To

I'm sorry it took so long to get the prizes out for the 100,000 views contest. I finally got all the seeds ordered, and if I'd actually thought to tell Mike from Ohio Heirloom Seeds where to send them, they might have arrived sooner! One (me being the One) really should specify whether they should be sent to the return address on the envelope, or to the address on the check. It's not Mike's fault he sent them to Washington, while I'm here in Arizona. All's well that ends well though, and if you order seeds from Mike, and let him know where to send them, he'll actually have them in the mail within 24 hours of receiving your order. I highly recommend his little company for excellent seeds and excellent customer service. Even if you don't place an order, drop him a line and tell him hello, and that Annie's Granny sent you.

Back to the contest, here were the questions:

1. Who is Annie?
2. How old is Granny?
3. What is Granny's real first name?
4. Where was Granny born?
5. Who is Alicyn, and when was she born?
6. What was the title of my very first post on Annie's Kitchen Garden?
7. How many pints of salsa did Granny can in 2010?
8. What usually happens on Mondays at Annie's Kitchen Garden?
9. Why does Granny have a "kennel garden"?
10. What is the name of Annie's brother?

There were two first place winners, Wendy and Rachel. Each of them got to chose six packets of seeds as their prize. What? You expected a KitchenAid Mixer or something? I ain't no Pioneer Woman, ya know ;-)

Wendy's entry was the first to arrive, and I was flabbergasted when I read it. That girl knows me better than I know myself!
Rachel also answered all of them correctly.

Runners up were Robin, with eight correct and Daphne with seven correct. They each got to chose four packets of seeds.

Congratulations, girls. Your seeds are on their way.


  1. Thanks Granny!! It was a lot of fun!

    The real prize is YOU!!

  2. "Oh my, a new seed company" he says rubbing his hands together with anticipation.:)

  3. Oh no, they have a red French butterhead-type heirloom lettuce...I love butterhead lettuce.

  4. Congrats to the winners! And congrats to you for 100,000 views. Amazing!

  5. hahaha! You make me sound like a Stalker! Get it.. STALK'ier.. garden stalks... yea.. anyways

    I received my own order from Mike yesterday, he's always so quick and efficient!

    I'm attempting to make your hamburger buns today ... WISH ME LUCK!! :)

    Wendy / sassyb

  6. Mr. H., so do I. And I didn't order any for myself! I might have to do that. Ohio Heirloom Seeds only charges 1.29 for their seeds, and 1.99 for shipping, regardless of how many ordered.

  7. Good luck, Wendy! I went to the PO to mail your seeds this morning, and it was closed! I thought they stayed open until noon. I would probably be safe putting two stamps on the envelope, but I'd hate to take the chance it's not enough postage. I'll get them mailed on Monday.

  8. i'll be ordering from ohio seeds! thanks for the link granny!

  9. Good lord Wendy must be young with an awfully good memory. Me I can't remember my own name. And at least I was only two years away from your age this time. The last time I subtracted a whole decade from it (though that would be nice wouldn't it). Thanks for the seeds.

  10. Daphne, the seeds are ready to mail, but our little PO was closed today. They will be in the mail Monday morning! You'll have your purple veggies soon ;-)

  11. Daphne ~ I'm not TOO young! The big 4-0 this year. I'm just awful good at researching for answers on things! :)

    Granny ~ I made your buns. Oh. my. goodness.!!! YUMM!! I'll email you a pic when I get it uploaded..we can compare buns. :D
    I also got the garden pics up my mom painted, drop by and take a look when you get a chance.


  12. Ahhh, how nice of you to do this! It was fun reading this post. And what a great idea, since this sort of thing is on the minds of lots of people this time of year! Thanks for the info on the seed company. Will be bookmarking them for future reference.