January 30, 2011 - Palm Springs

Yesterday morning we drove to Palm Springs, CA to meet our Hollywood friends, Bob and Carey, for breakfast at Billy Reed's. Bob is one of my dearest friends, and I hadn't seen him in nearly twenty years, so our meeting was long overdue. After breakfast, Bob and Mr. Granny sat on a park bench in downtown Palm Springs to visit, while Carey and I played tourists and walked up and down the street to see the sights. The time went all too quickly, as we had to get back home to get Annie and Otto inside before dusk came and the coyotes started wandering into town. Bob and Carey's dogs, Georgie and Walter, came with them. If we had known there was a shady spot to park, we could have taken Annie and Otto.

Carey and I had a lot to talk about, as he is an avid gardener. He has built several Victory gardens in the LA area, and once had a test garden for Jackson and Perkins. We had a long discussion about raised beds, organic gardening and the problems with making our own compost in the city. There will, of course, be emails back and forth to keep in touch about our gardens.

When we returned home, I transferred all my photos to the laptop, and only then did I discover I hadn't taken a picture of Bob! That means we'll have to arrange to meet again....soon!

Carey walks Georgie and Walter down the street in Palm springs.

The "dog friendly" town even has pit stops for puppies, where Walter gets a drink.

There was even a sight or two that reminded me of my gardens. This store reflects my AZ garden....

While this one reminds me of my Washington garden.

Yes, there are LOT of palms in Palm Springs. And a lot of BMWs. I've never seen so many anywhere else.

A photography studio displays pictures from Palm Springs' past.

A statue of Sonny Bono, the former mayor of Palm Springs.

The sidewalk reminds me of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, with its tribute to the stars.

Leaving Palm Springs, we pass by a wind farm. Mr. Granny wouldn't stop long enough for me to get a good photo, but wind turbines run up the hillsides for as far as you can see.

What a fun day! Thank you, Bob and Carey, and I hope we can all get together again real soon.


  1. I am so happy to hear that you had a great day in Palm Springs and got home before the coyotes started wandering around!

  2. Yes you do have a berry sexy garden in WA. And what fun to meet up with old friends.

  3. Sounds like a great day - catching up with old friends is the best!

  4. Fun! That looks beautiful! Their puppies are just like mine! :)

  5. Sounds like a blast. Glad you had fun. Next time, Otto and Annie get to come along!!

  6. Granny, I was thrilled to see the picture of Windmill city, I tried to capture them when I was there but the car was going to fast and I was too slow :o(.. I even saw the Stars ..that was a good memory for me. Ginny

  7. Ginny, when we were there a couple of years ago, we stopped the car and got out to look at them. It's too bad I didn't have my camera then. The wind was blowing really hard (it sandblasted our windshield!), and the sound of the wind and the whoosh-whoosh-whoosh of the windmills was almost deafening! The picture I posted today was taken from the inside of the pickup as we passed by.

  8. Looks like such a wonderful visit. It's great to see friends, especially ones who are avid gardeners. I love that wind farm. So awesome to see those!

  9. I was wondering how much noise the windmills make, and then I saw your whoosh-whoosh-whoosh comment and the 'almost deafening' part. I still can't imagine it. Next time -- audio, please :-)
    Sounds like a fun day!

  10. Diane, actually the whoosh-whoosh was a rather comforting sound, rather like ocean waves hitting the shore. It was that, combined with very high winds, that made so much noise. We were driving our car that day, and it had a new windshield (Walmart truck threw a rock back into our hood and window), and the wind was so strong it picked up the desert sand and pitted our windshield so badly we could hardly see out of it in direct sunlight!

    I took my larger SD card with me, and planned on getting a good video (with sound). If I had driven home, I'd have stopped. Mr. Granny thinks there is only one way to drive....from here to there, and no stopping in between! He never "smells the roses" :-(

  11. Glad you got to see friends! Love the puppies, and what a kick that there are watering dishes for our furry friends!