December 1, 2008: Where in the World is EG's Little Traveling Box? #2

Where in the World is EG's Little Traveling Box?

Today's desert trip was much easier than the last one. For one thing, the first 30 miles were via paved highways, and the last leg of the trip did not require a four wheel drive. I wouldn't advise taking a passenger car in there, but any pickup or SUV could easily make it.

Our caravan of seven vehicles left at 9:30 a.m. We headed SE on Arizona Highway 72 until we reached the Junction with AZ 60. Turning left onto 60, we proceeded on to the town of Salome. From there, we took a primitive road, and then a wash, northwest to our destination, Indian Springs

One of the more scenic places in our area, Indian Springs is the site of an old granite quarry. Massive granite boulders and rock formations make this a unique place to visit. Granite from the quarry at this site was used for an addition to the Arizona State Capital in 1949. I have also heard it was used in both the Territorial Prison at Yuma, and the Yavapai County Courthouse in Prescott. It has been said that inmates were transported by wagon train to the site to work the quarry. There is a large rock that had been dynamited to form a makeshift jail for the workers. Some of the iron bars can still be seen protruding from the entrance to the man made cave.

We enjoyed a stroll through the quarry, some of the brave even climbed to the top for a better view. Today we didn't hike to the spring, but there is a good sized pool nearby. After a very enjoyable picnic lunch, we returned home...a fun trip of five hours total, not long, dusty and tiring like the last one!

Little Box sits on the ledge that once held sleeping prisoners who worked the granite quarry.

The entrance to the temporary jail. Note the iron bar protruding from the opening on the left. The steps and the ledge were formed from granite blocks, the top of the ledg and some of the interior walls were concrete.

You can see how massive the jail rock is, the entrance to it is on the left in this photo.

The rock formations are absolutely beautiful.

A close inspection of the granite shows the marks of the
pins and feathers that are used to cut the slabs.

One brave soul climbed to the top.

Can you spot EG's Little Traveling Box enjoying lunch with us?

One of the largest, prettiest saguaros I've ever seen
is next to the road on the way out.

The desert is pretty here, and the cholla cactus
is showing its yellow blossoms.


  1. Ha! You've got other people posing with the box, now! I bet those people wondered "what in the hell is so special about that dang box?" That's funny. I'll have to save some of these photos, if ya don't mind.....


  2. These were really nice posts. I feel like I've been taken on a guided tour. I'm waiting on the next outing.

  3. EG, I have a few more pictures of the box, I'll put them all up on Photobucket for you when the adventures are over for the season. I had to get up and explain to everyone today just what the box was all about. I got a couple of what the *H* looks, but most are happily going along with the joke.

  4. I'm glad you are enjoying them, Cheryl. We've been on these trips several times, so it's fun to share them with others.

    Today's blog had some photos from previous trips, as there wasn't much sense in duplicating them. I'm hoping we go somewhere that I have never been before, but many of the places are so interesting or beautiful I don't mind multiple visits.

  5. Is that Esther holding the box? I can't believe you're getting your innocent friends involved in your craziness! LOL!

  6. Granny, great photography, maybe you should sew up a little EG doll instead of the box. You could hang him on the rear view mirror for the trips, the Christmas tree or on a string and have a count down for New Years celebration. It could work like good Voo Doo. He would start twitching and wondering where he is off to now.


  7. Yes, it's Esther.

    I'm sorry you think it's crazy. I thought of it as being fun.

  8. Your adventures are incredible - where are we going next???

  9. LOL, John...EG is too nice, I wouldn't want to perform Voodoo on him! Besides, the "Little Box" serves me well as a camera case on the trips!

  10. Bettyinga, I think the next adventure is a Red Hat luncheon, followed by an art show. I have to rest sometime!

  11. You are on quite an adventure, Thanks for sharing!

  12. Beautiful photos! You're really a good shot!

    Oh and I agree, adopt EG and Ribbit while you can... they're great!

  13. Thanks, Sinfonian. Hey, you'd better watch out or I might adopt you too! wouldn't we make one big happy gardening family? LOL

  14. Fun trip, interesting spot !
    I'm just in awe of that saguaro cactus. (The cholla looks pretty funky too !) How tall do you reckon it was ?
    Apparently, the first nob takes 70+ years to form, so this one must be prrr-eettt-yyy old !

  15. Anonymous, I'd say it had to be around 20-25 feet tall. That creosote bush on the right was way over my head.