December 13, 2008: Dear Readers

Dear Readers,

Yesterday my Grandma put on a funny red hat and went to a restaurant in Wendon, Arizona. It had a funny name, Ingredients. There were a lot of grandmas there, and they all had funny red hats on their heads! They ate lunch and they talked and laughed and acted really silly. I thought us kids were supposed to giggle and act silly, not the grandmas.

After the grandmas ate their lunch, they all went out to the back yard. I didn't know restaurants had back yards. There were funny things in the back yard.

Is my Grandma going to take a bath outside?

Is this what my Grandma calls a flower bed?

I wish I could put on my red hat and go with Grandma and the Silly Ladies, but she says I'm not old enough yet.



  1. Granny - that ending really surprised me! Ha! I didn't know it was from your granddaughter's perspective until the ending.Very creative....


  2. EG, don't you ever sleep? It says 9:58 pm on your comment, but I just published this post about half an hour ago and it's 11:00 p.m. here in AZ right now...I don't know where Blogspot gets its posting times! Must be a setting somewhere that I didn't see.

  3. OK, I found the time setting...I still had it set for Washington :-)

  4. You are a great storyteller! Alicyn is absolutely beautiful and I love the photo!!!

  5. Bettyinga, I love the photo too. Her mother, Amy, took the Christmas pictures...I think they are as good or better than professional! And LOTS cheaper :-)

  6. I always knew red was your color! You know, so many around here proclaim to be a red hat lady, but you actually live the life of one!

  7. Little Alicyn may have a little trouble getting a job later. She won't be able to deny it when they ask, "Have you ever posed nude?"
    (too cute)

  8. Haha, I too was thinking... HOW old is Granny's Granny? Love how it ended! Too cute. I love babies! Mine are growing up too fast!

  9. Ohhh, it looks so nice and warm there in AZ. Enjoy!

  10. Sinfonian, you are so funny! My grandmothers would be 120 (b. 1888) and 115 (b. 1893)!

    I told my daughter Sinfonian would love this post, 'cause he's such a baby/puppy person.

    Mr. H says maybe we'll head north a month earlier this (next) year,for spoiling the grandbaby and beginning the gardening.

  11. Kristen, today it's 50F and POURING down rain! But it's supposed to warm up again for Christmas.