December 6, 2008: Just for Laughs

I was going through this year's photos, dating and naming them so they would be in order for printing and placing in my 2008 album, and I came across a few that made me smile. In fact, they made me laugh. I'd like to share a few with you.

Just for Laughs
Alicyn's first "real" smile.

Devil Dog!
Otto is as sweet and gentle as a dog can be....except when he's playing with Annie! The camera flash caused his eyes to look illuminated, but the teeth are all his.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

And Let Sleeping Babies Lie

Smile, Annie, You're on Candid Camera!

Alicyn gives Big Sister Alicia a Raspberry

Just Because This Makes Me Laugh


  1. Great header and love the photos! Made me smile, too. She's such a cutie pie and Otto looks pure evil!

  2. Granny - that cartoon is pretty dang funny, right there!


  3. I think I laughed harder with each passing picture!!

  4. Beautiful granddaughter and great photos. I would love to post a photo of my granddaughter who has just lost her two front teeth. However, I think she would kill me in a couple of years for doing so. ;o)


  5. Oh, my wife and I truly enjoyed the one on the couch! Too cute! And those shots of Otto and Annie, very funny!

  6. Devil Dog scared me a little but the rest are so cute. I like the sleeping dog and baby as they are almost lying in the same position. Too cute!