November 21, 2009: Blog Award!

Thank you to Kalena Michele at Amira for passing on the Best Blog Award to Annie's Kitchen Garden.

Of course, all these awards come with stipulations which are sometimes difficult to fulfill. This particular award requires me to pick 15 blogs I have recently discovered. I'm afraid I'm so busy reading all of my old favorites and, as you've probably noticed, the garden blogs have slowed considerably for the winter, so I don't have 15 recent ones from which to chose! But thank you again, Kalena Michele. I'll display my award with pride, and pass it on to the two most recent blogs to which I've subscribed.

Gloria Bonde at A Healthy Gardener : Gloria lives in Hot Springs, South Dakota, and she's as enthusiastic as I am when it comes to growing those tomatoes!

The blogger to whom this second award was given finds these awards offensive, so I have removed her blog link from this post. I'm sorry she feels like this, I happen to be very grateful that my readers enjoy my blog enough to reward me with a bit of praise now and then, but I understand many other bloggers don't feel this way.

Gloria and (removed), I honor you with this award. Feel free to accept it or not, and don't feel as though you must adhere to the following guidelines if you would rather not.

Post the award on your blog (including the above picture) along with the name of the person who passed it on to you and link to their blog. Choose 15 blogs which you have recently discovered and you think are great and pass it on to them. Don't forget to leave a comment on their blog to let them know they have been chosen for this award.


  1. You do realize that you're probably the most popular garden blogger I know right? If we were in high school, you'd totally be prom queen. I would be hanging out with the rest of the cheese club. haha. :)

  2. Thank you, Daphne.

    Thomas, you're so funny :-D

    I was never prom queen. In fact, when I went to my senior prom we had to drive out into the country to pick up another girl for the dance, and I got car sick! Here I was, in my gorgeous prom formal, barfing along the roadside! How embarrassing.

  3. Gran, that's awful! Usually teenagers get drunk first before they barf during their prom!
    Hopefully you still got your prom kiss afterwords. :)