June 21, 2010: Harvest Monday

For the week of June 14-20


8 oz. broccoli
14 oz. cabbage
39 oz. carrots
80 oz. lettuce
141 oz. onions
5 oz. peas
40 oz. potatoes
29 oz. raspberries
11 oz. strawberries
24 oz. sugar snap peas

Total for week: 391 oz. = 24.43 lb.

Total for year to date: 73.65 lb.


6/15 - 10 bachelor button seedlings. I planted seeds earlier in the spring, and they came up right away. Bugs ate them to the ground. I presprouted seeds in a coffee filter, planted them, and nothing came up. So I started seeds in the house and planted out the seedlings. This is my last chance.

6/15 - several (8?) seedlings of Red Sails lettuce.


snap peas
peppers (2009)
peach jam (2009)
strawberry jam (2009)
ketchup (2009)


Found a large volunteer tomato growing in the snap peas. It's over 2' tall, and I'm certain it's a Juliet, so I think I'll just let it grow. There's another small volunteer near the kennel. It's very possibly from the Green Grape plant that was in that vicinity last year, or it might be from the cherry tomato that grew up the corner of the kennel. I hope it's the Green Grape.

Anuenue lettuce harvested and eaten, gets a real thumbs up. It was crisp and sweet, and Mr. Granny's favorite so far.

Reaching for potatoes, under the plants, the Kennebec seem to be producing more and quicker than the Red Norland, even though the Norlands are supposed to be earlier. None of the Norlands have blossoms, some of the Kennebecs do.

General Gardening:

Worked on the west side tomatoes, pruning off bottom leaves, topping off some buckets with potting soil, fertilizing with fish emulsion and/or 10-10-10. Three of the tomatoes in pots look a bit anemic, but all of the dwarf tomatoes look great.

Tied jute twine for the beans in the west garden to climb, as they weren't heading toward the fence trellis like they were supposed to.

Pruned lower leaves from indeterminate tomatoes, tied up those that needed it.


Gave Pat 10 oz. sugar snap peas.

Gave Scott 12 oz. sugar snap peas, two 1-gallon bags of lettuce and 48 oz. onions (weighed without tops).

Gave John two 1-gallon bags of lettuce and 36 oz. onions (weighed without tops).

Daphne's Dandelions hosts Harvest Monday


  1. Green grape? I need to try those. My juliet is just waiting for a few warm days to ripen. It's the first year I am planting those so it will be a nice addition to the rest of the tomatoes. I love the carrots and raspberries. Next year I will have to plant carrots earlier. Mine did not do anything besides look pretty and fluffy.

    And thanks for the onion pctures. Now I know they have to be cured. - Beautiful Havest

  2. You're drowning in lettuce like I am in zucchini. I don't know about you, but I'll plant a little less next year.

  3. Holy cow; I've only got salad leaves and a few beans thus far. Oh well, maybe soon...

  4. That is all the lettuce you gave away? I couldn't imagine trying to eat 80 oz of lettuce. I think then then I remember you have rabbits. Oh yeah, I could get rid of lots of lettuce that way.

    I just hope my onions are ready before I lose my old house. Right now it is July 27th and that is cutting it close. Usually it is in August that I harvest onions. I'm thinking maybe this year they will be harvested early and worse comes to worse I'll chop and freeze them. Mine haven't even started bulbing up yet - well maybe just started.

  5. Looks great! Gran, have you ever seen birds eat little carrot seedlings? All my latest napkins sprouted and I removed the board, the next day there is no sign they ever existed, dirt isn't even dug into! First time this has happened and I wonder if the assault came from the sky?

  6. You are really ramped up in your weekly harvest poundage! I need to start stealing baby potatoes from under the plants myself. I am pretty sure I have some big enough to use hiding under there now.

  7. 74 lbs already? That's amazing! What a fruitful harvest -- your broccoli and cabbage look perfect. Well, everything does actually :)

  8. You have cabbage and raspberries ALREADY? I told you this Annie: You are a real gardener, and a very good one! My garden is moving in a right direction, but we need some sun to speed things up!

  9. Geez Granny....that's one huge harvest! I'm jealous :) I need more garden space!

  10. That's it, I'm moving in next door as you obviously are having much earlier harvests than we are. Nice carrots!

  11. Granny, your harvests look like something at the farmer's market. They're huge!

  12. Johanna, last year my Juliet fruited non-stop. I ended up making a lot of juice and sauce from them, as I don't care for romas as a slicing tomato, and they were a bit small for paste tomatoes. The vine got so large, it ended up sprawling all over the end of my garden, under the zucchini. That's why I missed a lot of them, and why I had so many volunteers!

    Ribbit, I had so many varieties I needed to try this year! I'd already bought seed, and Daphne sent me some, then I won Meredith's lettuce seed givaway. I just had to try them all, and it turned out to be a good year to do it. It's summer, and our furnace was running this morning!

    TIG, you'll be drowning in your veggies soon enough.

    Daphne, only one rabbit. He's a very tiny one at that. I stuffed a lot into those gallon bags, I hope the kids like bruised lettuce ;-)

    I'll probably end up chopping and freezing a lot of my onions, as they are not a storage variety, and won't hold well even through the summer. I wish I had a dehydrator, as I really like chopped dried onions for cooking.

    Erin, I haven't seen birds eating mine, but I've had them disappear. I blame pill bugs, even though some swear the little buggers don't eat anything but decaying matter. I'm just sure that's what ate all of my bachelor buttons.

    Kitsap, I think I'll try straw on next year's potatoes. The few I've scavenged so far have been really hard to pull out of the soil! The bed I had last year must have had looser soil.

    Fiona, thank you. I am ahead of my 2009 YTD total of 48 pounds, which is surprising since I was harvesting a lot of beets and some green beans then. I'm way ahead in lettuce and onions this year.

    Tatayana, my cabbages are actually way smaller this year than they were at this time last year. But the raspberries are at least two weeks early. I was picking green beans by this date last year, too. This year I'm at least another week away from the first picking.

    Robin, so do I! I started a bunch more marigolds from my saved seed, and now I don't know where I'm going to plant them! I want more carrots!

  13. But, Mr. H., you'll have a much larger harvest than I! Where I have the longer growing season, you have the larger space. It's all good ;-)

  14. EG, I didn't even take photos of everything. The garden has been quite productive, considering the cold weather. Maybe because of the cold weather!

  15. Wow! What a great harvest!

    I noticed for the first time this year that I also have some volunteer tomato plants. The odd thing is, some are in a newly tilled up garden!

  16. Allison, I had a volunteer cherry tomato last year. actually two of them, side by side. They were behind the shed, and nothing else was planted there, so I let them grow. They got huge, very healthy and loaded with tomatoes, but late. I didn't get very much from them before they froze. The Juliet that volunteered this year is already larger than the nursery plant I put in last year, so I'll bet it gets mature tomatoes.

  17. Nice layout for documenting your week's harvest. I like how it conveys both the similarities and differences from day to day.

  18. I'd lend you mine, but you live a bit far away. Talk to me when you move to the Boston area ;> But dried onions would be good. I ought to try that. I've done it before for raft trips, but never for home cooking and I use them occasionally in home cooking so I ought to.

  19. I have tomatoes coming up on their own as well, all over the place. Of course the weedy ones look better then the ones I planted :-)

  20. Amazing harvests as always Granny!

  21. Angela, I'm enjoying comparing 2010 to 2009. It's interesting to be able to go back and see what I was harvesting last year at this time.

    Daphne, I love them for cooking in AZ, when it's a 50 mile round trip to the grocery store. They are even pretty good reconstituted and served on a burger.

    LOL, Dan. I didn't let any of my volunteers get over 2-3 inches tall. The one in the peas was hiding. I've never had such a large volunteer this early in the season. The other volunteer Juliets are just tiny things.

    Thank you, Emily. I'm sure your garden isn't far behind, and when all those new asparagus and strawberries start producing, you'll be way ahead in the harvest department ;-)

  22. You already have quite a bountiful harvest! I'm so jealous! All we are getting so far is lettuce.

  23. That's a nice variety of fruits and veggies you have there. And enough lettuce to open a lettuce farm! ;-)

    I always liked Anuenue when I grew it, but I didn't this year. I do have seed I can try this fall. I know it would have melted in the heat we are having.

  24. meemsnyc, sometimes it seems like all I'm getting is lettuce! Especially when I look in the refrigerator, where it not only fills the crisper, but is in several containers on the shelves. I it's so full, I have to dangerously stack everything else.

    Villager, see the above comment! I'll soon need a second refrigerator, just for the lettuce. I've no had to compost any yet, though, which is quite surprising. It's amazing how much lettuce can be grown in such a small space. I don't think I'll be starting any more for a few weeks, I'll just do cut and come again with what is already out there.

    I wish I'd had better germination with the anuenue. It will be my main lettuce next spring, for sure.