October 13, 2010: Today's Blog Post #2 - I'm Seeing Orange

How appropriate for Halloween month.

I checked out the carrots, to see if any of them were big enough to pull, and came back inside with a basket of gold....er, orange.

A sink full of orange from the first trip to the carrot beds.

Although there were quite a few that were 3-4" long, many of them were at least 6".

Trimmed, the first bunch weighed exactly two pounds. And that was after Annie had her snack!

A second trip to the garden gave me another basket full of lovelies.

Another 1-pound, 4-ounces to add to the total.

For today's harvest, I ended up with a gallon bag full of sweet little carrots, some tiny carrot snacks for Annie (she's still on her diet), as well as a pound of cucumbers and, last but not least, a bag of parsley and carrot tops for Cookie.

None of these carrots were large enough to pull, so I'm hoping they will overwinter in this bed.

As well as these, although it's just one short row.

Both sides of this bed are filled with carrots that are still too small. They'll also be left to overwinter, so keep your fingers crossed!


  1. What a great treat. I hope those too small carrots survive the winter unattended for you.

  2. Daphne, I hope so. I tried to get Mr. Granny to go help me get a bale of straw to put on the garden, but that was like talking to a brick wall. Unfortunately, I cannot lift a bale of straw by myself, so the garden will go naked.

    When we had thought we'd not go south until after the holidays, I planned to get leaves from Pat's yard. Now that's not going to happen either.

  3. Jenn's Cooking, I'll bet they're sweet as sugar. I haven't tried them yet, but I'll cook some for dinner tonight!

  4. Your beautiful carrots seriously make me ill, Gran! If I lived next door I would sneak over at night and steal them and replant my mutant ones in your beds :) Does your bunny know how good she has it?

  5. Oh, Erin, I know you wouldn't do that to Granny. Or would you?

    Bite your tongue, girl. Cookie is a BOY bunny. All, unaltered, boy. It's just that he's 9 years old now, and nobody ever told him he's a boy.

    Which reminds me....we went to youngest daughter's for dinner a couple weeks ago. I was dragging baby granddaughter Alicyn across the floor by her feet, when their dog got a bit, uh...frisky with her. After we left, Amy was commenting to her husband that Alicyn just doesn't take to Bryan's mother like she does to her "Bamba" (me). Bryan replied "That's because my mother doesn't drag her across the floor by her feet while Jake humps her head."

  6. Beautiful carrots! I am curious how they will do this winter. Let us know when you get back, ok?? I am laughing about your bunny, and the dog getting, uh, happy? I remember when I was about 6, a friend's dalmatian was rather fond of me when I sat on their stairs. Never really liked those spotted things since.

  7. Lori, I'm eating some of them right now, and they are delicious. I doubt they last through the winter (it's supposed to be an extremely bad winter for the PNW, they say). Haha, I don't think I'd like spotted dogs either, if that happened to me.