October 31, 2010

My, how the time flies! It doesn't seem like we've been in Arizona for two full weeks already. I haven't exactly been sitting still for the entire time, but it doesn't seem as though I've accomplished much, either. Yes, the garden has been planted, but that's only 21 square feet of boxes and a few pots. I spend my mornings making sure everything inside is ready for viewing, on the fat chance a prospective buyer will call for a tour of the property. I'm not holding my breath just yet, as there is nobody around! I don't know if people are coming down late this year, or maybe not at all, but it's like a ghost town around here. This is a town of only about 400 permanent residents, so absolutely nothing is happening until the snowbirds flock in.

I've already formed my morning ritual....wake up, let the dogs out, push the button on the coffee pot, fold up the dog blankets and put them in the closet, make my bed, let the dogs in and push the footstool up to Mr. Granny's bed so the pups can have some cuddly-in-bed time. Then I pour myself a cup of coffee, turn on CNN to see what is happening in my world (we don't have a newspaper in this town), and spend the next half hour just waking up. When Mr. Granny gets up, we have a small breakfast, and I check to make sure the rest of the house is clean. That involves a bit of dusting, sometimes getting out the vacuum, and giving the bathrooms and kitchen a quick spit shine.

Once I'm awake and dressed and fed, and the house is in order, I try to get some yard or garden work done before it gets too hot outside. Yesterday I planted flowers after I set myself on fire. I'd gone into town on Friday, and checked out the local Wal-Mart for something to brighten up the place. They didn't have much to chose from, and after I'd bought lantana and some type of pretty little miniature zinnias, I wished I'd gone for the pansies and alyssum, which are much more cold hardy. The lantana will just dry up and die next summer, as it is all planted in an area that doesn't get watered by the drip system, and the zinnias will be toast if/when we get a killing frost. I also purchased two bunches of green onions from the produce department, and I planted them in two large pots. That pretty much filled up all the garden. It's still a mystery as to what is growing in one of the garden beds, but even if it is lettuce, it's going to need a ton of thinning out. The seedlings were already touching and making a carpet of green, so I took a dinner fork and cultivated out little rows to make 4" squares of green. Actually, I should have just pulled a rake through them in both directons, but it's too late now! I might just turn it all under as green manure, and replant the lettuce. I hate to do that though, as it will put the plants two weeks behind. Probably a better idea would be to start a pot of lettuce seedlings that could be moved into the bed later, just in case the other turns out to be weeds.


The container garden consists of lettuce and basil from home, chard, onions and some unknown variety of tiny zinnias. At least that's what the tag said.

Oh, about setting myself on fire. I was cooking an egg for Mr. Granny, and reached across the stove for the salt shaker. The sleeve of my robe made contact with the gas flame, and immediately ignited. I was right next to the sink, so I turned on the faucet and got my arm under the stream of water, but the flame was traveling up over my shoulder where the water couldn't reach. Mr. Granny happened to be sitting nearby at the table. Every other morning he's had his breakfast in the living room while watching TV, so it was just a fluke that he was even in the kitchen. He jumped up and smothered out the flames with his bare hands. My hero! Neither of us was injured at all, but it was quite an exciting few seconds, to say the least. The fire came really close to my hair. My daughter said her kitchen fire was for a new paint job. I said mine was for new, wrinkle free skin. Oh yes, I moved the salt and pepper shakers to the other side of the stove, where I don't have to reach across a burner to get to them.

Just look at how far the fire traveled up my sleeve and across my shoulder!

Ribbit, I want you to know I'm playing cards (Hand & Foot) on Tuesdays and Fridays now, and I've won four out of four games so far!

Diane & Meems, Mr. Granny hates Cookie's harness. He says it makes him look like a sissy! This one's for you ;-)

No internet yet, and the park owner doesn't know if they will be getting it at all. I did discover I can park in front of the library and access theirs even when they are closed. I had assumed they'd turn off their router on days the library isn't open. As much as I hate trying to use the laptop on the steering wheel, it can be done. Since I can't hardly see my monitor in the glare of the pickup cab, I'm pre-writing my blog to copy and paste quickly when I get on line.


  1. Glad to you both are settling into your winter digs. By the look of that robe that could have been a bad situation...so glad it was not worse.

    I know how you feel about the laptop on the steering wheel. In our many moves across country, been there done that.

  2. Thank goodness Mr. Granny was there to put out the fire and you no one was hurt! It sounds like you are settled in and the garden is under control. I like Cookie's harness. He just looks like Ms. Cookie :)

  3. *sigh* hand and foot. I don't even know if I'd remember how to play, but I'm longing to.

    Hey, at least if Mr. Granny will smother fire with his bare hands he'd certainly piss on you if you were on fire, so you're in pretty good with him, I'd say. ;)

  4. Holy Cow, Granny! Glad you weren't hurt by the fire. Scared the pee out of you, probably though. It would me. What a brave hero your Mr. Granny is.

  5. So glad you are ok. Mr Granny is a hero for sure. Maybe a more macho looking harness for Cookie?

  6. Did you get another BOC from Woot? Mine is due to be delivered in Hermiston next Wednesday...a day after I get home from Texas.

    Good luck on selling your house. I do envy you the warm weather as winter approaches in eastern Oregon. I've been quite enjoying the 80's in Texas.

  7. I'm glad to hear that the fire was easily put out and that noone was hurt. Your day sounds relaxing. I would much rather do garden work than office work. ;-P

  8. That is scary! No more robes while cooking, okay? I'm so glad Mr. Granny was right there!

  9. I can't get over how calm cookie is on a leash, my bunnies FREAKED out anytime I tried ti harness them up.

    I am very happy you still have wrinkles, that would have been one painful make-over!!

  10. That was a close call...yikes. At least it is warm down there. Cold and rainy here...brr. I don't believe I have ever seen a leash trained rabbit before, very interesting.:)

  11. Setting yourself on fire when cooking? We'll make an idiot of you yet, Granny.

    Glad you're okay, and it did make me laugh. I remember once setting my feet on fire, well, the soles of my boots. I couldn't get them off and had to run through the house to find a knife to cut the laces. That left little blobs of burning rubber on the carpet.
    It wasn't my finest hour!

  12. That's crazy Gran! I'm glad you didn't have to "STOP, DROP and ROLL!" That would have been quite the sight. I'm gonna have to buy you something that isn't so flammable.

    I have to admit - I've never seen a bunny on a harness before. LOL! I wonder what people would think if I showed up to work with one.

  13. I knew you were a fiery one but actually being on fire isn't good:-) Glade to hear there was no injury!

  14. Scary story about setting yourself on fire. I'm so glad that neither you nor Mr. Granny were injured, but that seems impossible given the looks of that robe. Gives me the willies just thinking about it. We have a family tradition of setting ourselves on fire (my father and brother)but fortunately the tradition didn't spread to me. Both of them decided to douse an outdoor brush fire with gasoline to get it burning better. Duh.

  15. Oh Granny! So glad to read that you're okay. What a scary thing to have happen.