July 12, 2009: Sunday's Garden Dinner

Sunday's Garden Dinner

Roast Beef Hash (potatoes, onions)
Buttered Green Beans with Yellow Crookneck Squash (beans, squash)
Cherry Tomato Garnish (cherry tomatoes)
Creamy Ranch Cucumbers & Pickled Beets (cucumbers, beets, onions, parsley)
Vanilla Ice Cream
Cinnamon-Sugar Cookies
Iced Honey-Lemon Green Tea


  1. Yummy stuff AG! Our cukes and green beans are about two weeks away yet - but I am so looking forward to them.

  2. Hey, 112.5 lbs so far - awesome!

  3. Hmmmm. You know, on your way to AZ from WA, you could probably stop by here and cook dinner for/with me. . . Just sayin' is all.

  4. Oh my goodness, I should have headed over to your house this afternoon for dinner Granny! That looks so yummy!!!!

    I would have never thought to put yellow squash and green beans together.... now I'm going to give it a try too!

    Isn't it great when you can eat right from your own back yard? I love it!!

    Have a great week!

  5. Seriously, does the mister know what a good wife you are????
    This looks delicious. And wow, your harvest totals are impressive!

  6. Good morning, KitsapFG, Crystabel & Dan!


    Stefaneener, I'll be on my way around the end of October. Put the teapot on and get out the pots & pans ;-)


    Judy, I love the yellow squash mixed with green beans or corn. Or with green beans AND corn. I just add it for about the last 3-4 minutes of cooking so it doesn't get too soft and mushy.


    Of course he doesn't, Sue! He just takes me for granted, 'cause I've been spoiling him for nearly 47 years.

  7. 47 years!? Wow.

    The man's great aunt and uncle were married over 55 years. They were in their mid 80's when she decided she wanted a divorce. In her words, she was "tired of that old man hanging around."

    She was a hoot.

  8. Ribbit, maybe you weren't here when we celebrated our 46th:


    LOL, I wasn't very good at removing the wall sconce that looked as though it were growing out of the top of Mr. H's head....really, his flat top was NOT that pronounced! I really need to redo that picture.