July 2, 2009: I Have Worms!

I Have Worms!

Well, not me personally. But my garden has nice, big fat worms. See what came out of the potato bed this morning...

That's one beautiful worm!

He's all of 7" long, and I promise I didn't stretch him out one bit!
What? You don't measure your worms?

There were potatoes in there, too. No potato plants were harmed in this harvest, as I pulled out 3-1/2 pounds from underneath them. My first two Yukon Golds! Aren't they pretty? But "pretty" certainly doesn't describe the cauliflower. I blanched it for a week, but it's determined to get old before it gets white. Oh well, it should taste good in tonight's dinner. So will those beautiful shallots.

Yes, more beans. I wonder if the kids need some. Carrots for tonight's dinners, both ours and the bunny's.

Everything is cleaned up before being weighed (the onions were harvested today, too).

For tonight's dinner, I needed shallots, onions, carrots, parsley and cauliflower fresh from the garden. I also needed some of my my previously frozen sugar snap peas. I had 1-1/2 pounds of raw shrimp that I had purchased on sale, knowing I had to remove the shell, but failing to notice they had not been deveined. It took me quite a while to devein 102 shrimp. Yes, I counted them. The plan was to cook them all by sauteing them, with minced shallots, in butter. Then I would set half of them aside for tomorrow's dinner, and use the remainder for tonight.

Thursday's Garden Dinner

Shrimp and Garden Vegetable Stir Fry
(shallots, onion, snap peas, carrots, cauliflower, parsley)
Brown Rice Pilaf (parsley, onion)
Teriyaki Sauce
Iced Tea

*Are you getting as tired of those fruity plates as I am? Too bad I bought a service for 12 about ten years ago, and they just won't break! I chipped a salad plate this week though, so maybe they are getting weaker ;-)


  1. I had shrimp in my Thursdays garden meal as well! I used frozen devained, deshelled ones, I'm lazy but did buy them on sale. I am so jealouse of all your beans, carrots, potatoes & beets! :-) Your dinner looks very nice.

  2. Granny, it's not the size of the worm that matters. It's how he...yeah, thinking twice about finishing that statement.

    I'm so envious of how you can work your garden into every meal. I can't see past one dish used from the garden let alone using items in each dish. You're awesome and don't stop your dinner pictures. I'm getting tons of ideas.

  3. Dan, I'll trade you my dinner for your ribs. Those looked delicious!

    Ribbit, I dare ya. Finish the statement. LOL!

    It's fun to make up the garden dinners, and it makes me check to see what is hiding in my freezer. I'm usually not so good about using up what I already have before buying more. By committing to these menus, I have to keep a step ahead of what is going to be ready to use from the garden, as well as what it can be used with from the freezer. My freezer is getting empty....COSTCO, here I come!

  4. Ribbit, I know the answer!!!

    It's not the size of the worm that matters. It's how he...POOPS!

    YES!! *Granny pumps her fist*

  5. LOL!

    The dinner (as usual) looks super and the fruity plate may be old for you - but we all have not lived with them as long.

  6. KitsapFG, I'm thinking I need to hit a thrift shop for some photogenic plates LOL! Sometimes the dinners get lost in the fruit pattern. I do love them, though. They're....cheerful!

  7. Purty worm you've got there Granny!
    I don't envy you having to devein the shrimp. Not so much fun.
    Dishes you are tired of never seem to break. For our 15th anniversary (and b/c the cabinet was too crowded), I decided to buy new plates as we used dishes that were a wedding gift for my DH & his ex-wife and some from a former neighbor that were a gift to her DH & his ex...
    Everybody's ex-wives plates went to my SS or Freecycle!

  8. Isn't he a beauty, Amy? I hope there are a gazillion more just like him out there. Those gardens didn't have many worms last year, so things are lookin' up!

    LOL, I have half of that set of dishes down in AZ...I can't get away from them!

  9. I hate hate hate my old Corelles. They are TWENTY YEARS OLD now-I am soooo sick of them. But how do you justify buying new dishes to the hubby when yours look brand new. Damn! :D

    By the way, nice worm!

  10. Seeing those super juicy worms make me want to go fishing.

    I'm a little jealous of your potato growing abilities. It looks like the bugs have decided to let my potato plants grow. A few more days and I wouldn't have had any foliage on them at all.

  11. Score one for Granny! That's too funny.

  12. Blech. Worms.


    Yay! Worms!

    I have a love-hate relationship with anything wormy. I didn't used to be bothered by the wormin-vermin of the world, but then the Discovery Channel started running those "Eaten Alive" specials where worms were in....ugh...people and like a trainwreck, I couldn't stay away. I had to look. Now I don't like anything wormy anymore.

    But I get that they're good for the garden. So I guess I'm jealous you have 'em and I don't.

    And I'm always insanely jealous of your garden dinners. That was my fantasy - alas, I'll hold off for next time.

  13. Ack over 90lbs. You are almost to the 100 mark. :> I think the plates are fine, but if you want to replace them I found when my kids went to college that it was a good time to give them the old ones. It didn't look like your grandson was quite old enough to go to college though. I've never measured a worm. I take photos of them occasionally. They never seem to make it onto the blog though. They get usurped by all the plant photos.

  14. Sue, twenty years, huh? (Granny sobs).

    Cheryl, I'd like to put that big guy on a hook and catch a monster fish! I used to fish a lot, haven't done so in many years. Mr. H decided one day that fish were animals, and he didn't want to hurt them any more. Wussy guy ;-)

    Ribbit, and poops, and poops, and poops!

    Kate and Crew, I'm glad I didn't watch that. I do not want to know what nasty things are inside my body. I once heard about the amount of pus found in the average person....*whimper*. Or those TV shows that show what some food workers do to your food/drink...YUKKY-POO!!! I'm going to live life with my head in the sand.

    Maybe you could blog about "The Dinners I'd Cook if My Garden Grew". ;-)

    Daphne, I do have a grandson who is old enough, but he has a "why would I want your old stuff?" attitude. Besides, I do like those dishes....they are such a cheerful pattern, and I lead a very casual lifestyle. They just don't lend themselves to photographing food, they are just too busy. I'll buy a couple of very plain plates one of these days.

  15. I guess my kids are horribly frugal. My son could afford to go out and buy some dishes, but he would much rather have my used ones. I have a whole household of parsimonious people. Though my husband will spend money on electronics.

  16. Daphne, I'm rather frug...OK, I'm cheap! I've been going to buy a new dishwasher and range top for months, and I just can't get myself to spend the $$$. We can afford them, so I don't know why I don't just DO it. Now I have two burners that just quit in the middle of cooking something, and the dishwasher sprung a leak last week, so Monday I HAVE to go shopping for new ones! I know I'll have a problem when it comes to the cooktop. My refrigerator is almond, and so is my present cooktop. I don't think I can buy almond any more, but I want everything to match.

  17. Stir fry shrimp with wonderful garden veggies.... I'm drooling... as usual!!!

  18. Toni, it was pretty good! Now...what else can I do with yellow cauliflower? ;-) Maybe cook it until it is really soft, then mash it with a couple of Yukon Gold potatoes....nobody would even notice.