July 18, 2009: Onions, Onions Everywhere

Everywhere but in my garden, that is. I've used up all but a half dozen or so of those I raised. But the Walla Walla Sweet Onions are in the farm stands! That means we'll be eating onions in just about everything for the next few weeks, as they are not good keepers. If you're not familiar with Walla Walla sweets, they are great big onions that can almost be eaten like an apple, they are that mild. There's nothing better than a thick, raw slice on a hamburger.

Yesterday I made a pot of corn chowder, using freshly dug potatoes from my garden, along with Walla Walla Sweet Onions and freshly picked Sugar Dot corn from the farm stand up the road, about a half mile from our house. We had it for dinner last night, along with jalapeno corn dogs, made with peppers from the garden.

Our garden dinner tonight featured these delicious Walla Walla Sweet Onions.

Saturday's Garden Dinner

Grilled Walla Walla Sweet Onion Burgers
French Fried Walla Walla Sweet Onion Rings
Green Beans (green beans)
Cabbage-Pepper Slaw with Walla Walla Sweet Onion (cabbage, peppers)
Cantaloupe & Pineapple
Iced Raspberry Green Tea

July 18th & 19th 2009 · Downtown Walla Walla, Walla Walla, WA


  1. I love grilled onions (even hot ones) on burgers -- but over a grilled portobello mushroom in teriyaki sauce -- oh my. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

    And the onion rings -- wheee! Sounds so very good.

  2. I tried growing Walla Walla's a few years ago. I started them way to late and ended up with marbles. Maybe I should try them next season. Any chance you can share the onion ring batter recipe? It looks delicious!

  3. You know, Stefaneener, the onion rings would have tasted much better with fresh oil. I was trying to get one last use of what was in the pot, and they tasted a bit like last night's corn dogs!

  4. I adore onion rings! Yum! Walla Walla onions are wonderful. I am starting some in about two weeks to plant out this fall to overwinter them. The really big ones are apparently from a fall/winter start that overwinters. I have grown them before but always a spring start that yeilded a medium sized onion - but I want the big ones!

  5. What beautiful presentation... I love onion rings! Did you batter yours? I can't tell.

    My onions are doing very well... if I can keep my 11 year old out of them... my 15 year old has decided that he likes onion chives...

    Oh well... that's why I have a garden!

  6. Kitsap, I didn't know they would overwinter, as they are not a storage onion and rot very easily. I've only grown them from purchased plants in the early spring, they are sold in bunches of (I think) 100. When we lived in Walla Walla, I'm quite sure I remember the farm hands planting the green starts in the spring. Do keep us updated on how the over wintering works for you.

  7. My poor Walla Walla's never did make it this year. They were completely crowded out by the parsley. Next year they need a bit more sun and air. I only say this because I could cry looking at your dinner. It looks SO GOOD. I love onions.

  8. Don't feel badly, Jenn, I didn't even plant any Walla Wallas this your OR last year! Last year I got back from AZ too late, and this year I just didn't get to town to buy the plants. Next year I'll be sure to plant them, though. Right now I can buy 10 pounds for $4, so I did.

  9. That dinner looks great, but dear hubby would need a HUGE PILE of those onion rings!! No "polite" serving for him- :D

  10. I love sweet onions and onion rings. Yum. Sadly fried food makes me a bit ill so I don't eat them very often. I'm only growing some torpedo onions and some storage onions. No big sweet onions in my garden this year either.

  11. Sue, that was my plate in the photo (a new white plate, by the way). I only ate three onion rings, Mr. H ate all the rest of them.

  12. Daphne, I have a recipe for baked onion rings that might be pretty good, and maybe easier on your tummy. Just holler if you want it.