January 22, 2012 - Me Too! Me Too!

OK, it seems as though just about everyone is posting plans for their 2012 gardens, so I need to get in gear and do some planning of my own! I pretty much know what will be planted in the North Garden.

North Bed #1 (hoop & bird netting, 3' x 4' raised bed)

30 Mixed lettuces

North Bed #2 (2011 compost pile)

One hill of 3 Waltham Butternut Squash plants, to be planted in a compost pile. Vines will eventually cover about a 10' x 10' area of the garden.

North Bed #3 (4' x 8' raised bed)

12 Sweet Peppers
*3 Corno Di Toro
*3 Quadrato Giallo D’Asti
*3 Quadrato Rosso D'Asti
*3 Red Marconi

24 Walla Walla sweet onions (for salad onions)

North Bed #4 (hoop & netting for leaf miner protection, 4' x 8' raised bed)

32 Tyee Spinach
8 Tall Utah #527OR, Improved celery
32 Walla Walla sweet onions
32 mixed varieties beets

North Bed #5 (4' x 8' raised bed)

Established Canby Raspberry bed

North Bed #6 (4' x 8' raised bed)

Established Tristar strawberry bed

North Fence (vertical growing)

Fortex Pole Beans
Green Arrow Peas
Grandpa Ott Morning Glories

I haven't yet planned out the Kennel Garden or the East Garden, but they will contain, among other things, potatoes, carrots, parsnips (maybe), garlic, snap peas, bush beans, cabbages and whatever else I can crowd in there. Tomatoes will go in the west garden and along side the house on the west side, as well as by the patio. There's lots more planning to do!


  1. The sketches are looking great! Can't wait to see the gardens come to life.

  2. I love you cute little plants! But, I can't tell which peppers are which :)

    How did you do that?

  3. I haven't even finshed off the Winter Garden, Is it Spring planting time already..geeze! I need more time.

  4. Thanks, Garden Hoard. I'm afraid it will be a couple of months before I can really get the gardening bug. Until then, I'll have to be happy with a windowsill pot or two.

    Easy, Robin. I have a copy of the graph paper that I can open in Paint, and I have a folder of clip art veggies that I can copy and paste onto the graph. The peppers? Any three in a row of each kind will do, no particular order.

    Ginny, I'm going to start some celery, but it's way too early for anything else.

  5. Looking good. If my garden wasn't so small I would not have finished my plans yet. I've never grown celery, I'll be watching to see how yours doess.

  6. That's a lot of peppers. I'm envious. I only put out ONE measly plant. Hubby can't stand peppers--especially the smell of them cooking. I have to SNEAK them into an omelette for myself when he isn't around. If he weren't such a good husband..........

  7. I made a seed shopping list this weekend. It took up the whole weekend. Mind you, the painkillers kept kicking in!

    I might post it up if I ever get the time!!!

  8. Granny those are just too pretty. I use graph paper and a pencil. I can barely read it. I never make it look pretty in the end. I ought to take a photo to laugh at my drawings.

  9. It's nice to do layout like that.... We feel like winners straight away!!

  10. Ed, I've never grown it either! It will be a learning experience for me, too.

    Oh, Sue, I used to hate peppers! It wasn't until 2009, when I began growing those lovely, sweet Quadratos, that I fell in love with them, and now I can actually eat (and prefer) them raw, both green and red. Last year I fell in love with the Red Marconi, which was even sweeter than the Quadrato Rosso. I also have two (of four) kids who love them, so they are happy to take the extras off my hands. I can't hardly wait for garden fresh sweet onions and sweet peppers....Fajita time!

    TIG, are you still suffering from that bathroom remodeling accident? Bummer!

    Daphne, I think I have just about as much fun with the garden planning as I do with the actual gardening! I seldom follow them to the T, but it does give me some idea as to where to start.

    Bangchik, that's for sure! If only the garden itself looked as neat as it does in pictures, LOL!

  11. Funny thing is my garden never ends up looking neat and tidy like the pictures, where yours DOES!!! LOL

  12. Barbie, I wish! Don't we all usually show the best sides of our gardens? I have lots of mess ups and failures too, you can't make me share! LOL!

  13. I love the way that you plan out your garden. I was just telling my aunt that your garden is my "dream" garden. She'll be headed your way to check it out! Can't wait to see all of that growing for you this year!

  14. I see you are trying to go for the title of Mrs. Lettuce 2012! LOL Your plans are just lovely can't wait to see everything grow!

  15. Awww, Megan, that's so sweet of you!

    Mrs. Pickles, you haven't seen lettuce until you see the gazillion varieties I'll be planting this year. Ed (Tales From the Mountainside) is sharing his huge stash with me! I haven't got them logged into my seed inventory yet, but I know there are probably well over 50 varieties! And me with no rabbit :-(

  16. Nice plans! I absolutely loved growing celery last year. I'll have to try it again this year!