January 26, 2012 - Today's Birthday's

Today's Birthdays

Suleman octuplets - 3
Kherington Payne - 22
Kirk Franklin - 42
Wayne Gretzky - 51
Anita Baker - 54
Ellen DeGeneres - 54
Eddie Van Halen - 57
Lucinda Williams - 59
Gene Siskel - 66
Angela Davis - 68
Scott Glenn - 70
Bob Uecker - 77
Jules Feiffer - 83
Paul Newman - 87
Anne Jeffreys - 89
Douglas MacArthur - 132
Annie's Granny - 73

Mr. Granny wanted to take me out for a birthday dinner tonight, but granddaughter Alicyn wants to come over today and bring "10 movies" for us to watch. I hope that, in her 3-year-old world, that means no more than two movies! I know I'm in for Harry and the Hendersons and Justin Bieber's Never say Never. Two of my favorites....nothing is too deep for Granny's tastes, LOL!

I put a photo up on the computer last night, and showed Mr. Granny to what I really want for my birthday.

I know none of you would be surprised or shocked to know I would find this very attractive in my bedroom, in front of the window, with four shop lights hanging from the wire shelves and seedlings snuggled warmly beneath them. It's really the only place I'd have room for such a wide unit. In past years, I've always had my seedlings in the mini greenhouse in the shed or garage, but it's awfully cold out there, so I have to keep heat under the flats 24 hours a day. If I have them in the house, that eliminates the need for heat. It's only temporary decor, of course. By April everything could go back out in the shed.


  1. Happy birthday! You're a better grandma than I'll be. Will not watch Justin Beiber. Just. Can't.

  2. Teresa, I LOVE Justin Beiber! I've been wanting to see that movie since it came out! Harry and the Hendersons, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, Ring of Bright Water and Short Circuit are more of my favorites....I'm very juvenile in my movie tastes, LOL!


  4. You just crack me up. Do both -- early movies and then out with Mr. Granny.
    And I loved having seedlings in the house. If I ever have fewer people in the house, the seedlings are moving up out of the basement. Right now they are just chilly all the time. They do okay -- we're not getting snow!
    And happy, happy birthday.

  5. Happy Birthday, Granny! Although you should be at the top of the list for sure!

    The shelving unit is perfect for seed starting. I have a similar sized unit although I hang two shop lights per shelf since mine is in the basement.

    I hope you enjoy your birthday and the movie marathon.

  6. Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a great birthday and an amazing year

  7. Happy birthday, Granny! I'd love that shelving unit, too, but I'd use it for soap-making supplies or canning supplies. I hope your day is special.

  8. It's Wonder Hubbys birthday too!

    I think a movie marathon sounds wonderful. And a seed starting rack--YES!

    Hope you have a wonderful day!
    Happy Happy Birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday! You share your natal day with quite a selection. I say go for the shelf in the BR, its sexy!

    Enjoy Harry and the Hendersons... I can still remember entire passages of dialogue from when my niece was younger...

  10. Happy Birthday! I turned 50 this month and my MIL gave me $500 and she is adamant that I don't just spend it on something I'd buy anyway. I've been debating what gardening extravagances I should buy.

  11. I love that you can watch Justin Bieber with her, that would drive me nuts! Nice gift you have picked out, Happy Birthday!!!

  12. Happy Birthday! What;s surprsing about a plant stand with lights and seedlings in the bedroom? Heck, I had one in mine for almost 20 years.

  13. Happy Birthday Granny! That's a great shelving unit. It's definitely going to make things much easier for you!

  14. Happy Birthday Granny! Remember 73 is the new 53! Besides you've got more energy then most 40 year olds I know! You'll out garden us all. *mwah*

  15. That's exactly something I would ask for my birthday! That's awesome.

  16. Happy Birthday! It looks fabulous with new gardening things and granddaughter fun!
    My question is what type and where did u find shop lights for the shelf? I see them around but each light I've seen has been super expensive. I am in Issaquah, WA and want to do the same grow shelving set-up this year. Saw your shelf at Lowe's nearby so might just take your recommendation and go for it. But the lights? Help!

  17. Amy T., I got plain shop light fixtures at Lowes. Make sure they have the cord to plug in. The bulbs are sold separately, and I got the cheapest T8 ones I could find. This is my third year for them. I'm not finding them on Lowe's website, I certainly didn't pay $30+ for them. I'm thinking they were more like $15 each, maybe less (plus the bulbs). If you can't find them with the cords, it's easy to wire one on....I wired one on a 2' fixture all by myself :-)

    Go to Lowe's or Home Depot and ask them for the cheapest 4' two light shop light fixture they have.

  18. Thanks so much for your fast response! I'm going to get this going asap! Excited for the new season! Want to try some Tuscan Kale which are reputed to be less bitter than regular kale, and some black spanish radishes (reputed to be medicinally good for asthma, among other things). I've never been a medicinal gardener at all but adding that might be interesting (and possibly cheaper than inhalers sometimes?).
    Love that you wired your own lighting though. You're the queen of crafty when it comes to getting the job done. And btw I loved the baggie boots. We had the same snow/ice here and it got tricky to walk in, even IN boots. Not sure if you know of this tool, but one that we found very helpful last year was an "Action Hoe" which i think is called a stirrup hoe in other places. here's a linkie for ya:

    helps rip out weeds for new plots (sorry mr granny) and other areas really quickly!
    Thanks for the info!

  19. Amy T., I've always called it a scuffle hoe. They do a really fast job on small weeds. I'm thinking Mr. granny might not notice a new bare strip along the outside of the fence ;-)