January 15, 2009: What's a Granny to Do?

What's a Granny to do when....

The sun is shining,
The temperature is 75F,
She has a bunch of 3' lengths of 2x4 lumber,
Half a bag of potting soil,
Half a bag of composted manure, and
She's not really happy with container gardening

Well, she does what any red blooded gardening granny would do. She plans a square foot garden!

And then she builds it!

Then she fills it with the little plants from the container garden!

And she fences it to keep all the little bunnies from eating everything!

Then she checks the temperature and sees that it is perfect for making her new garden grow.

*And begins to plan another little garden to build tomorrow.

*Granny has a lot of room for building gardens, but only about 60 days left in Arizona. That severely limits what can be grown and harvested.


  1. Ha! Granny, you were having withdrawals, weren't you? Hee Hee...You're gonna be gardening year-round, now!


  2. You got that right, EG! We'll see how the little fella works out, it might lead to a full sized one next year! I have to admit the south side of the house is a great place to start seedlings.


  3. Wow! I am so glad you got the bug! Hehe not that I was tired of reading about your trips with EG's box, great pics.

    And I feel a bit responsible... Yesterday's email made you seem ripe for getting back into the swing of things, and sure enough, today you took the plunge!

    I bet your lettuces will love that 80 degree weather and grow like weeds! Here's to hoping they give you plenty of produce before you head north!

  4. You are one lucky Granny! Here I am with outside temps around zero and it seems no matter what the furnace is at it is still cold and your planting a garden.

    Thanks for sharing, it is nice to see soil again.

  5. That is SO cool granny! Thanks to your reference to frugal girl, I'm going to make two meatless meals weekly: my spinach will come in very handy! We could eat nearly free. We had spinach and black bean flatbread sandwiches today. Never would have guessed that I could eat so well on the go! Spinach is so pricy.

  6. Ooooh Granny you are making me twitch.


  7. I like how you laid it out Granny. It is symmetrical and pretty. I hope I can do the same. It is interesting to envision how veg. and Herbs can be decorative. I'm so tempted to plant Purple Ruffles basil everywhere :).

    Whitey is my hub.

  8. Grannie, you are an inspiration to us all! Thank you for this great blog.

  9. Yeah Granny! Awesome job there with that square foot garden. Way to go :-)

  10. Sinfonian, it was all your fault after our conversation of yesterday! Sheesh, if you keep that up I'll be growing those tomatoes down here and renting a trailer to get them home!

  11. Dan, it really felt good to get my hands dirty. I have over 1/2 acre down here that I could garden on, but it's hardly worth fighting the rabbits for the greens (see today's blog). We'll see how a couple of tiny boxes make it before I decide to go any bigger.

  12. Carolyn, we so enjoyed the spinach I grew last fall! We had salads from it every night and never got tired of it at all. We both like it steamed, also. I could live on my garden up north, but Mr. H would never go vegetarian, even for one meal. I often do, and just toss a burger on the grill for him. He laughs at my lettuce/tomato sandwiches...he thinks it's a sin to make them without bacon!

  13. John, I know the feeling...I was twitching, too!!!

  14. Flood...welcome! Did you see my purple ruffles that I grew last year? Scroll down to my herb garden and you can catch a glimpse of my one plant! That's because I had to buy it, do to the late beginning of the garden (first garden smashed by falling tree). Anyway, I loved the looks of that basil, but I didn't like to cook with it. It didn't cook or dry to an appealing color at all, but it did taste fine. I'm sticking with green this year.

  15. Well, HELLO! My little blog got a visit from Patti, the famous "Garden Girl"!! You, my dear, are the inspiration :-)

  16. Thank you, Judy. It doesn't compare to my real gardens at home, but for me it's a new adventure to try to get anything besides cacti and oleanders to grow here in the desert!

  17. Yummy greens and radishes :) Looks good!

    75 degrees? Well, it's all the way up to a balmy 29 degrees here. :)

  18. 29 degrees, huh? That's why I'm down here and not up there! I find it hard to make myself believe it isn't planting weather in Pasco yet. It's always a shock to me when I get home and find out how cold it is there.

  19. It's all been said already. Glad to see you playing in the dirt again.

    But I'm even gladder (is that a word?) to see your scale on the sidebar. I was in Aldi's the other day and they had a digital scale for 15 bucks which I didn't get. I hope they still have them. Keeping a running total is a great idea.

  20. Cheryl, I got the scale idea from Dan http://veggiegardenblog.blogspot.com/
    but I couldn't find a widget for it, so I just found a photo of the scale through google pictures and made my own. I thought it would be fun to keep a running total of what I get from the garden. EG suggested a fish weighing scale, which could be hung in the garden with a bucket or basket on it. They are pretty cheap, unlike the costly produce scales.

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