January 28, 2009: Brrr!!!

I had this ready to publish yesterday, then lost my WIFI connection for the entire day...so here it is, a day late. And yes, the cucumbers survived!

So...Arizona wasn't so warm this morning. It was 28F when we got up! I haven't been out to see if the cucumbers survived it, but they are on the sheltered side, right up against the house and surrounded by concrete, so they might be OK. The salad garden is looking just fine.

It has been thirteen days since I transplanted everything from the containers to the Square Foot Garden. Mr. H said nothing would grow, but he was wrong! I have already picked a few leaves of lettuce for the rabbit, but I am disappointed that the spinach isn't showing much growth. The beets are looking great, and the radish seeds have all sprouted and most are showing true leaves.

Salad Garden #1 January 15

Salad Garden #1 January 28

Look closely! Can you see it has grown?

The weather forecast says it's supposed to warm back up into the 70s later this week, with lows in the 40s. I'm ready! I do suspect our weather forecast is coming out of Parker, AZ or Blythe, CA though, as it's never quite as warm here as reported. Sometimes they miss it by as much as ten degrees for our low temperature reading.


(whimper) I just previewed this post and the WIFI went down again (whimper). At this rate, I might get it published by spring.


  1. Oh yeah....it's definitely growing. Tell Mr. H, he'll be eating a nice salad in about 3 to 4 weeks. Good job, Granny.


  2. They certainly have grown in that short period of time. Looks like there was quite a bit of sunshine when you took those photos, that would be much appricated up here at the moment.

  3. That darned spinach isn't getting any bigger, EG! Let's hope it's just transplant shock and it will take off any day now.

  4. Dan, we never run short on sunshine around here! Even on our coldest days, the temperature on the sunny side of the house (where I had the container garden) is up around 80F. In fact, it got so hot there I had to move those veggies to the shadier side of the house. One day I set a digital thermometer out there and it turned black and wouldn't even register the temperature. And that was in January!

  5. Your lettuce is looking wonderful and growing quite well. I hope your spinach recovers.

  6. Daphne, I have actually harvested a few lettuce leaves for the rabbit. I didn't put the photo of garden #2 in the blog, because I took it from a different angle and the growth wasn't so pronounced in the picture as it was in real life. I'm impressed with the way the beets and lettuce are growing in that bed, but the spinach looks just the same.

  7. Your babies look great and they're growing so fast. Pretty soon you'll have enough to add your first pound to your scale.

  8. LOL, Cheryl! I hadn't even thought of weighing the harvest from this garden. I pick a dozen or so leaves of lettuce for the rabbit, and head straight for his cage with them. Maybe I will weigh the beets if they get large enough to pull, but if they don't, the bunny likes those leaves too! He wouldn't touch the spinach, though.