January 16, 2009: Happy Birthday to Annie & Otter

Annie and Otter celebrated their first birthday today!

It was a lovely, sunny day so we took them up the hill and turned them loose to run in the desert. They spent about an hour running loose and exploring everything in sight, then returned home for a big drink of cold water and a birthday cupcake.

Annie was the first one to try the new food...as usual.

Otter was tentative, but curiosity got the best of him.

Mmmmm...that's some good stuff!

Then they really get down to business.

Happy Birthday Annie & Otter!
We love you.


  1. Congratulations and happy birthday to Otter and Annie. They are looking good.
    We are also keeping in touch with another of the litter. Her name is Maggie May. She is also looking good.
    I am sure glad that you are enjoying them.

    Don and Bev Neil

  2. They are such a joy. Thank you for raising such happy puppies!

  3. Very cool that you keep in touch with the breeders! My inlaws are amature breeders of Springer Spaniels. Some day I'm sure my wife and sons will want one. We tried that once and the puppy tore up the house. Not good.

    It's cool that you recognize their birtdays, but don't their little hearts get broken when they don't get cupcakes every day. Hehe and did you have to wrestle the candles away from them? I bet you did, hehe.

    Cute puppies!

  4. Sinfonian, I'm so happy with the breeders. They are a farm family who live in Grandview. They don't run a puppy farm, but have just enough litters to help send their children through school. Annie and Otter are from their first litter, and they had the second litter on October 16. The pups are raised in the kitchen, with the love of family around them. It shows in their sweet temperaments.

    They didn't mind when I took the candles out, their noses were too deep into frosting. They have been eying the cupcakes on the counter today, but they got boiled chicken instead.

  5. Thanks, Connie. They are just as sweet and lovable as they are cute! They are a bit yappy though ;-)