January 17, 2009: The Arizona Salad Garden Part 2

Mr. H fought me all the way on adding another box to the little garden. I don't know why he was so stubborn about it, it's only a tiny 3' square box! I had asked him to help me put it together, as the scrap lumber I'm using is so twisted it takes two to hold it in place and screw it together. He did finally give in, and even insisted I toss one piece of 2x4 in the garbage and cut the section from a new one. I wasn't worried about a slightly skewed garden, the boards are mainly for stapling poultry wire for a rabbit barrier. Sure, I'd like beauty...but I'll settle for utilitarian.

Anyway, Mr. H insists nothing will grow large enough to eat before we head back north. He just doesn't "get" that I've already calculated the days to maturity, and that we'll be eating spinach, lettuce, beets and radishes long before March 15th. He insists everything has been out there in pots for "months" and hasn't grown a bit. I say pooh on Mr. H. He knows nothing about growing a garden!

After I got the frame in place, I transplanted the remaining spinach and lettuce, then decided to attempt transplanting the beets. I think they should do fine, as the soil they were in was so loose there was no damage at all to the tap roots.

This bed didn't get the addition of potting soil and composted manure that the first bed got. It will have to survive in what I could save from the pots in which they grew, mixed with the good old desert sand. I will give them an occasional drink of liquid Miracle Grow.

The rabbits didn't come back last night, but I wrapped the rest of the poultry wire around the new bed just in case. I hope it holds until tomorrow, when I'll add some posts and staple it on. I hate the looks of the wire, but it has to be.

#2 Garden Plan

Everything's planted...the smaller beets are actually the earliest ones planted. The bigger ones were seeded about a month later.

Beds #1 and #2 complete and waiting to have the poultry wire stapled in place. This should give us some nice salads soon.


  1. Granny,

    Great job! I'm glad you posted the layout for both the new beds. I found them to be very helpful. Just lastnight I was looking over my SF layout wondering how much spinach I could get into a square. My Fall layout will now have more spinach :-)


  2. Mr H might have to eat those words, while enjoying his fresh salad. :-) I'd build a nice trellis, just to see him freak out. Heh. Good job Granny!


  3. Liisa, I kind of pushed it with five per square on the spinach. I'm sure the yield will be better at four ps, but I didn't have the heart to throw any of the little plants away and nowhere else to plant them! The SFG guide says to plant 9 per square, but I find that to be a bit too close, the plants just don't get very large. I did plant mine that close last fall, and we got a lot of "baby" spinach. So...I'd say anywhere from 4-9 per square and you'll be OK!

  4. EG, actually a trellis would be great there, it would be a nice "privacy" thing, as well as hide the ugly propane tank. I just might try some peas next year!

  5. Don't you just love starting with transplants. I call it instant garden.

    It looks great.

  6. Yes Cheryl, it's instant gratification! But the south side of my house sure looks bare without the container garden. I think it's even getting too hot for the cucumber plants. Guess I'll have to put a chair there and sit Mr. H in the sun ;-)

  7. Your new raised beds look great and the puppies look like they had a great b-day. They had more of a cake then I had for my b-day, lucky puppies.

  8. Awww, Dan...if you were closer, I'd bake you a BIG cake for your birthday!

    I'm afraid Annie had too much running in the desert on her birthday. Today she's developed a very bad limp and can't put weight on her front right leg. She has had this happen before, and the vet can't find any reason for it. She's getting mega-spoiled right now.

  9. Oooh, I hope they grow fast for you!