May 13, 2009: This & That

John just questioned the "wrens" that I said were decapitating my peas. I have no idea why I called them wrens, they are sparrows! I called them sparrows in a previous blog. I'm losing it, people! By the way, I have netting over all the peas now. I'm sure the vines will grow into them and become a tangled mess!


We have other daily visitors in our back yard. Here is a mother showing her baby how to get to the neighbor's walnut tree.

Mother and baby

Ribbit has been having a bad week. This little video is just for her!

Granddaughter, Alicia, was two years old when she went through her Barney love and sang this. She's almost fifteen now. Cherish those Barney years :-)


  1. Granny, I'm bustin' a gut. The boy saw your film and wants to know when "the real Barney will come to our house" because obviously the girl singing that adorable song is the real Barney.

    The girl thinks the song is sung "we're a sleepy family". Barney is a new phase with her, but I'm okay with that because she kisses and hugs us which she's too busy to do otherwise. Her first love is Elmo (Elmo must die).

    Why is it that when Zoe talks to a rock, Elmo is idignant and rolls his eyes at her, yet he feels totally justified in talking to that fish of his? That, and Elmo must think he's Bob Dole, speaking in the third person like he does.

    Speaking of, she brought Elmo into the bath with her tonight unbeknownst to would have thought someone had done shot her dog the way she wailed.

    Dora is bossy. (do this, say that jump up and down..WHAT IF I DON'T WANT TO!!!!)

    Joe from "Blue's Clues" is an idot...THE CLUE IS RIGHT THERE!!!!!"

    Franklin should know that his insignificant shell doesn't offer him any protection against Fox.

    Curious George teaches kids to disobey their parents.

    I don't need my kids influenced by a hyperactive sea urchin (Sponge Bob -- although I understand sponges aren't sea urchins).

    And this afternoon, while I was administering a final exam and three students interrupted my class and then had the nerve to roll their eyes and suck their teeth at me when I told them to go away, I found myself singing children's songs (Sandra Boynton's "Dog Train" to be exact) to calm myself down.

    I need therapy. That, or vodka. Lots and lots of vodka.

  2. LOL! Alicia is half Mexican, and when I took her on a trip across the border, people kept pointing at her and calling "Dora! Dora!" The way she had her hair cut, she really did look like Dora the Explorer! I thought your girl would like the video. I'm still blown away that my little two-year-old could sing like that!

    Go have a BM or two ;-)

    That's a BLOODY MARY, people!

  3. Oh lord I'm so glad my kids didn't go through Barney. I didn't watch. You would have to pay me so much to do that.

  4. I didn't mind Barney as much as I hate Hannah Montana and some of those other tweeny shows. It's not that they are so terrible, it's that the 10-12 year old girls watch them over, and over, and over, and over, and over......after three or four hours of it I'm a raving idiot.

  5. Oh god....I hate Barney! I had to go thru all that barney crap years ago, too. I'd like to take him to a GWAR concert, so they could decapitate him. Ha!

  6. EG - LMAO!

    I'm soooo glad my kiddlet actually dislikes Barney more then I do and that's saying quite a bit. She'd much rather watch Star Wars and or Scooby Doo. She does have a thing for Diego (Dora's cousin) and Handy Manny though. Guess she likes those latin boys. 0.o

  7. This video could possibly be used as blackmail!!
    Fifteen year olds usually embarrass quite easily. Do with that what you want!


  8. I'm having a pretty bad week, and after reading Ribbit's lament, your video for her made me hysterical. Thank you for making me laugh!

  9. LOL, Jenn. I think I could take Barney over Star Wars. But then, my favorite movies were "Short Circuit", "Harry and the Hendersons", "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" and "Kung Foo Panda". ;-)

    Sue, She knows she's my baby. I think she gets a kick out of it when I put things like that on my blog. Watch out, though....I kept a journal of all the really cute things she said in her first four years! Believe me, some of it is hilarious!

    Jen, I'm glad I made you laugh! What do they say about every time you laugh making you live longer? YES! I contributed to your longevity!

  10. I tried posting a second comment earlier but it must not have stuck.

    I'm going to go further back, Ribbit, and question why the heck it took years for anyone besides Big Bird to ever see Snufflupugus! Where was that big mammoth hiding on that little street that no one could find him? They stopped short of calling Big Bird an outright liar!