February 9, 2011 - You Can't Keep a Good Blogger Down!

Even if she has to dictate it to her daughter over the phone because she has no internet!

February 8, 2011 - Five Days to Go!

Oh, I know I told you I'd quit counting the days until we leave to go home, but I can't help myself. At least I'm getting everything packed up, and the house is spotless. If you readers didn't have an internet connection, I'll bet your houses would be spotless too! I went to the library this morning, but they were packed full of people and there was nowhere to sit, so I just stayed outside in the truck and downloaded my email. I decided I could write my blog offline, then go down later to publish it.

It's not like I have a lot to say right now, and no pictures at all. I'll be pulling out all the lettuce and spinach plants on Friday. I'll wash them, roots and all, and store them in a damp pillowcase in the refrigerator. They will stay nice and crisp in the cooler for our trip home Sunday morning.

I think Granddaughter Alicyn (age 2) is as excited about our coming home as we are to see her again. Her Mom told me of the following conversation between them:

Amy: Gamma and Gampa are coming home soon!
Ali: YA!
Amy: What are you going to do when you go to Gamma's house?
Ali: Pee!
Amy: Pee? You're going to pee and Gamma's house?
Ali: Ya.


Ali: Gamma got a toilet?
Amy: Yes, Gamma has two toilets.
Ali: Gamma got a BIG toilet?
Amy: Yes, Gamma has a big toilet.
Ali: Niiice.

What is it with grandchildren and toilets? I'll never forget when Ali's big sister, Alicia, was about five years old and she was sitting on my lap in the rocking chair. We were watching TV and she was in such a lovey mood, she kept hugging my head and telling me how much she loved me. After a while she had to go to the bathroom, so she got up and left the room. A minute later I hear:

Alicia: Grandma...come here and give me a kiss.
Me: What?
Alicia: Come here and give me a kiss!
Me: On the toilet?
Alicia: Nooo...on the LIPS!

Kids really do say the darnedest things!

PS: "I decided I could write my blog offline, then go down later to publish it." Remember when I said that? How silly of me. Why didn't I know the library would be closed this afternoon, due to "technical difficulties". You guessed it....their computers are down.

That kind of reminds me of what happened last week in Parker, the nearest town of size (and I use that term loosely, it means it has two supermarkets and a Walmart). We went through the drive through at McDonald's and ordered a couple of burgers and some fries. I asked for extra ketchup, and got "We don't have any ketchup". I said "what do you mean, you don't have ketchup?" and she said "No, we don't have any ketchup". I basically screamed said "this is freaking McDonald's! You can't be out of ketchup! Find me some ketchup, or you can take back these fries and refund me my money!" She finally decided she could get some from the kitchen and put it in a cup, so I kept the fries. But can you believe a McDonald's wouldn't have ketchup? Don't even get me started on our Walmart shopping experiences. The Parker store's shelves are so empty, due to mismanagement and under stocking, I can usually find about five out of ten items on a shopping list to be unavailable. Everyday generic items. Like peanuts. Or canola oil. Or bread flower. Or envelopes. I could go on and on and on.....it will be so nice getting back to civilization. Five days and counting.

I will also be glad. I am typing this for her while at work, and with all the interuptions, this has taken us about 2 hours and 6 phone calls to get through this ONE blog!


  1. AG-I think that daughter of yours is a pretty special gal for taking dictation and publishing your blog.
    I'm glad the time is going fast.
    Take care!

  2. Oh Granny I was thinking this morning that you hadn't posted in a week and the world seemed just a bit dimmer. Or it could have been that the sun wasn't up yet. One of the two. I can't wait for you to get home and start a real garden. I've got the seeds I promised you waiting on my desk. I'm going to mail them to you WA home. I've still got to get the ones you sent me into my spreadsheet. I've been procrastinating. I'm not a fan of record keeping when I have to do it. I love it after the fact and I can look at what happened.

  3. My kids were obsessed with "new pottys" whenever we went somewhere LOL! Thankfully now that has subsided. Can't wait until you get home!

  4. I'll be glad when you don't have to ask "Are we there yet?" and I think Amy will be glad as the dickens when you do get there :o) Be patient the time will fly...

  5. ha! kids are so funny. today while i was sitting i had to distract the 3 y/o boy with the first story that came to my head - an april fool's joke i played on my parents when i was a kid. he proceeded to do his own tricks, but each time he forgot how to say april fools and resorted to yelling, "apri-COT!!!"

    as far as mcdonald's and wal-mart go, you really get what you pay for!=)

  6. Amy, you're a good, good daughter! We'd all suffer here without Granny if you didn't suffer with her. ;)

  7. Oh, I'd forgotten about all the potty stuff when my boys were little. My youngest once went next door to use the neighbor's potty. I was thankful my neighbor loved my kids almost as much as I did, and she was very understanding.
    Thanks, Amy, for helping your mom out. We all appreciate it!!

  8. I love this! Maybe even better than your gardening posts, although I may be shunned for saying that. It's because I don't garden much myself . . . but I do have toilet-centered grandkids.

  9. Your daughter is a trooper. Soon you will be able to blog whenever you have the urge...very soon.

  10. Loved the last story of "on the LIPS!" LOL! What a charmer!

    It is hard to wait for you to get home but wait we must. I hope your journey home is safe and uneventful and am totally looking forward to your first "I'm BACK!!!" blog posts. :D

    Big shout out of thanks to Amy for her kindness in helping you from afar.

  11. Glad you are still well- Thanks Amy for helping out! We would all be worried still. :-) Travel safely. Hopefully next week you'll get the internet straightened out and Amy can take a break.

  12. It's so good to hear from you Granny, I was just thinking of you yesterday while going through some of my seeds. Can't wait for you to get back to the modern world.:)

  13. You and I are in the same boat. I just need internet access, and I'm good to go.

    And if the library is closed it's a two hour walk for me to Starbucks. So lately, I have just been going to Starbucks.

    Hope things get better and easier soon.

  14. Thanks Amy for doing the dirty work. Can't wait for you to be home with internet again. I have not been following the blogs of late, too many things to do, too little time.