October 17, 2009: Heading Out in the Morning!

Hi, all. I'm on my last library run before packing up the computer. We're going to head south around 5 in the morning, so I have quite a few last minute chores to tend to.

The garden didn't get completely cleaned up, so I'll have a job waiting for me when I get back. Mr. H, youngest son and I got a lot of it cleaned out this week though, and I did get the shallots planted yesterday.

The three pots of lettuce seedlings, as well as my young rosemary plant, are packed in the pickup for the Arizona salad garden.

The hotel in Jackpot now advertises high speed internet, so I'm hoping that also applies to their motel where we have a pet room reserved. If so, I'll try to catch up with the recent comments. Amy has learned to publish rather than delete them for me now!

So....adios, and here's hoping I have internet service in Bouse this year!

Love to all.....Granny


  1. Have a safe trip and keep us posted when you can.

  2. Safe journey AG!

    I think you need to insist on decent internet connection - whereever you are located! Mr. H can have his satellite TV but you need your internet too. ;)

  3. Bye, and I hope you have a warm and lovely winter. How nice to take some lettuce along. And to have shallots waiting!

  4. Have a safe and fun trip Gran! I can't wait to catch up on your adventures in the spring!