March 5, 2010: Seeds!

I had a huge box of mail waiting for me when I returned home. Among other things was a box from Hometown Seeds. It contained a large package of their Non-Hybrid Survival Seeds. The moisture proof, sealed package has a 5yr. minimum shelf life, up to 10 yrs. if frozen. It contains 100% GMO free seeds of:

Lincoln Peas
Detroit Dark Red Beets
Kentucky Wonder Brown Pole Bean
Yolo Wonder Pepper
Champion Radish
Lucullus Swiss Chard
Black Beauty Zucchini
Waltham Butternut Winter Squash
Bloomsdale Longstanding Spinach
Scarlet Nantes Carrots
Long Green Improved Cucumber
Rutgers Tomato
Golden Acre Cabbage
Romaine Paris Island Cos Lettuce
Golden Bantem Sweet Corn
Yellow Sweet Spanish Onion

I'll be storing this packet in my freezer for future use. Thank you, Hometown Seeds!


  1. It's great to get packages in the mail...especially seeds! I had not heard of Hometown Seeds before so I went to check out their site...I will have to try them out (next season of course) :)

  2. Sunny, I had another envelope full of flower seeds. I might have to move out to a farm ;-)

  3. Take me with you! I'll be your farm hand...

  4. Oh, Momma_S, wouldn't that be fun? We'd have the bestest farm ever!

  5. That's a nice selection of seeds - good tried and true varieties. Only ones I have not grown at some time in the past is the Lucullus swiss chard, Long Green Improved cucumber, Rutgers tomato, and Golden Ace cabbage. Everything else has been in my garden at one time or another (or currently with the Bloomsdale spinach!).

  6. Kitsap, I've tried most of them in past years, with the exception of Swiss chard, which I've never grown. It's sure a good start to next year's garden!

  7. They sent me one of these last Dec. I have already cracked it open and will grow a few things and give a few things to my Sister. It is a nice mix of seeds for sure.

  8. Dan, I'll likely save mine for next year, unless I find my old butternut squash seed is no longer viable. Then I might have to open it. I'm curious as to how they package their seeds. The ones they sent earlier were in plastic envelopes, and I've heard that is a poor way to store seeds, as they need to "breathe".