August 11, 2008 - Crockett's Victory Garden

May your garden, like mine, give you "Victory" over the high cost of fresh vegetables as well as the joy and good health that come from living close to nature....Jim Crockett

Way back in 1977, I purchased a book called Crockett's Victory Garden. It is the oldest, most read book in my garden library, the "go to" book for any gardening information I might need. Its pages are dog eared, its margins are full of scribbled notations. I search the internet for gardening articles. I read the message boards for ideas. I haunt the library for the newest garden manuals, the latest popular gardening methods. But I always come back to Crockett's Victory Garden. still offers this book for sale. I was reading through the reviews to see if others loved it as much as I do, and I came across this entry:

"CROCKETT'S VICTORY GARDEN is the only gardening book you'll ever need. End of statement. PERIOD!

Month by month, James Underwood Crockett provides a precise overview of your gardening activities for the entire year. Monthly chapters provide details for all your gardening activities that month. Detailed sections within each month's chapter give details for what you need to do.

This book covers everything and includes an indespensable gardening tool: a planting calendar that allows you to customize your gardening schedule depending on where you live."

My sentiments exactly....CROCKETT'S VICTORY GARDEN is the only gardening book you'll ever need. End of statement. PERIOD!


  1. Thanks Granny,

    I saw your comment on another blog about this book and just added it to my Amazon wish list. I love gardening books.:) The best part is that I have never even heard of CROCKETT'S VICTORY GARDEN before...

  2. Mr. H., do buy the book! It really is the one and only garden book I read constantly, year after year. Of course, back then they used lots of pesticides, so I just skip those paragraphs. Many times Crockett also supplied options for organic controls.

    When we came back from AZ last month, I couldn't find my book. I actually panicked! Luckily, it was found. I'll never part with my Crockett's Victory Garden :-)