August 2, 2008 - From the Garden

Not much going on in the garden today. I tied up the cucumbers that were trailing out into the lawn, staked one of the bell peppers that was getting quite tall and heavy (more with leaves than with peppers, unfortunately) and picked a few veggies....

The pole beans are growing so fast, it's fun to watch them. It shouldn't be long before they begin climbing the twine, so I really need to find a longer pole for the center of that bed. Next spring I think I'll plant them next to the dog kennel that we no longer use for the dogs, so they can climb the six-foot chain link and give me a shady spot behind them to sit and look at the garden.

The Chocolate Zucchini Cake that I baked last night was a real hit, Mr. Husband wouldn't have known there was zucchini in it if i hadn't told him. I think he liked it, as he had two huge helpings!

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