August 31, 2008 - My Gardening Friends

My dear friend, Engineered Garden (we call him EG) sent me a little present yesterday. I thought it was so cute, I wanted to share it with you.

Isn't that sweet? He actually made pear preserves, and was thoughtful enough to cybershare them with me. I can almost taste them, EG!

If you haven't visited Our Engineered Garden , hurry on over there. He has a wealth of information on square foot gardening, with lots of wonderful photos. He's a perfectionist extraordinaire, I can't begin to compare to him when it comes to building and planting raised garden beds.

Another very worthwhile garden blog belongs to my dear friend Sinfonian . What is with these men? They garden, they cook, they preserve their crops.......I told Mr. Husband I think I got shortchanged just a little with him. I said it with a smile on my face, though (he's a keeper).

Anyway, I think you'll enjoy meeting my new friends. I've never actually met them, but I like them. A lot.


  1. Awww shucks! Thanks Granny! You're awesome too! With your yard, I'm not sure I wouldn't stick around and winter garden, but then, we don't get snow here, so who am I to judge, hehe.

    Thanks for stopping by! Check out my day today! Whew!

  2. You know, Sinfonian, we seldom get snow here in the Tri-Cities! This past winter was a bit of an oddity.

    Hopefully I'll get to try my hand at a tiny garden in AZ this winter.

  3. That's great, keep blogging while you're down there. We won't even know except for the pics will be radically different!

    And you can officially call me jealous of you! In many ways than one!

  4. Actually, I was thinking of a new blog. Maybe Annie's brother could be the subject, and I could call it "Otter's Awesome Arizona Adventures"! It might be photos of me trying to drive into abandoned vertical mine shafts ;-)