August 7, 2008 - Six Pounds of Bounty

Six pounds! Three zucchini, three crookneck, two large cucumbers and a dozen or more cherry tomatoes! You're probably getting sick of all these similar photos, but I find it rather exciting to get this much food out of a three-foot wide by twenty-five foot long garden and two small pots. I gave my neighbor Pat three big zucchinis this morning. I know I have some more hiding in the bottom of the three more to deal with. I'm going to have to start shredding and freezing, I guess. We had the beans and crookneck from yesterday for dinner tonight, with a nice roasted chicken and mashed potatoes, sliced cucumbers and tomatoes. The puppies shared the chicken, beans and squash so that's all gone. I don't think I'll ever get my fill of those lovely crookneck squash.

The fence builders will be here in the morning to set the posts. We're going with metal posts this time, as even the pressure treated ones we put in less than ten years ago were so rotted they snapped right off. The top six feet of each wood post is still good, so I'll recycle them by cutting off the bad end and using them to form some of my new (future) garden beds. They expect to finish up the fence on Saturday.


  1. Been reading and showing Mike, too. Awesome that you have a blog now!

    Hope they got the fence finished today.

  2. Mike could give me lessons *g*. I've seen some of his gardens, and they are beautiful!