August 21, 2008 - Don't Cramp My Style!

I think I'm getting old. Duh.

I went to that Chicago concert the other night, and it was sold out so there was standing room only. No big deal. I stood throughout the 2+ hours, didn't bother me a bit. Until about 3:00 a.m. the next morning when I got a cramp in my big toe, and it went right up my shin to my knee. I've had charlie horses in the backs of my legs before, but never in the front. Let me tell you, it hurt so bad I thought I was going to throw up! I swear, childbirth was less painful. I finally got myself upright at the edge of the bed, and tried to reach down to rub the cramped muscle....and I got another cramp in the thigh of the other leg! Now I couldn't move at all, and Annie woke up (sensing I was in pain?) and proceeded to start licking me in the face just as hard and fast as she could. So now I can't move my legs and I can't breathe through the dog spit! I honestly thought I was going to have to start yelling for help, but the shin cramp subsided a bit and I managed to stand up and slowly walk it out. I guess it was from standing in one place for so long, but I sure hope I never have to go through that again!

The concert was pretty good. The instrumentals were great, but the vocals were "a bit pitchy, dawg". I like Jason Sheff, but he really shouldn't try to sound like Peter Cetera....he just doesn't quite pull it off. I think there are performers and there are entertainers. Chicago is/are performers, and I prefer being entertained. I still love to listen to them though, and not many bands have stayed as popular for thirty-plus years as they have.

I worked on the new garden this week, between rainstorms. Three of the boxes are built and ready to paint, level and fill with compost, and the old fenceposts will form another bed against the chain link, perfect for peas or pole beans. I spread a yard of bark mulch around on the pathways today, but I ran short and will have to go get another load. I still have plenty of room on one end for another box, or maybe I'll just make it into a small melon patch next spring. My little fence posts are kind of catty-wampus, I might have to plant vines there next spring to cover them!

I have definitely decided to plant one box of strawberries and the other two with raspberries. I promise I'm not going to change my mind again, but I sure hope I can talk Mr. H. into buying more lumber to double the depth of those beds!

The other gardens are growing well. Today I planted four 1-foot squares of spinach, 9 seeds per square. I still have the rest of that 4x4 box to fill up with fall veggies, then I'll be out of planting room. There isn't much left for me to plant this year, as I'll be leaving for Arizona in about 45 days (or after the newest grandbaby is born) so green onions, spinach and radishes are about all I have time for.


  1. Very nice looking garden beds! And your grass looks beautiful...I'm jealous.

  2. Your grass is going to look just as good, Kristen. What you've done so far is lovely. But not as lovely as those beautiful children!