August 25, 2008 - Mr. Husband 1, Annie's Granny 0

We're back to the battle of the boards. Mr. Husband is adamant in his refusal to buy more boards for the raised beds. I'm not one to back down easily, but in this case....well, let's just say it's no fun living with a grumpy old man!

Since it makes no sense to me to plant lovely new raspberry canes in six inches of soil, over the top of huge old maple tree roots, I have no recourse but to go out today, screwdriver in hand, and dismantle the two raspberry beds and make them into one. I feel it's better to have one good bed than two half a$$ed ones.

Mr. Husband says I've already spent too much money on this new garden, but I kept a running total, and with the welded wire fencing and posts, all the wood, screws, seeds, plants, compost and bark it has only been $265.88, which I don't think is bad at all for what I've done out there. That's for BOTH garden areas, the small boxes and the big ones, and both fences. I know he's upset that the insurance company hasn't come through on any of the fencing yet. So am I. But I've worked my butt off to build up that area, and it hasn't cost us a penny for my labor.

The old grumpus doesn't complain when I walk into the kitchen with a bucket filled with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and bunny greens. So next year, when I only have half the raspberries I wanted to grow, I'm eating all I want before he even sees them. HA!!


  1. LOL! I bet you'll give in and give him a few rasberries next year. :p

  2. Wow, you did all that for that cheap! I'm impressed beyond words. You don't WANT to know what my beds cost me! Ouch.

  3. Sinfonian, if I'd had to buy all my lumber it would have been very expensive, but most of mine is built with boards Mr. H saved from a deck we removed from the back of our house. I've been giving those boards away to anyone who would take them, just to reclaim the space they took up in our garage. That's why he and I are having a war of the boards. I did have more than enough, before I gave so many away!