August 28, 2008 - In the Garden

Where has the summer gone? I can't believe September is almost here, it seems like just yesterday I was out planting seeds in my garden.

Oh, I guess I was out planting seeds in my garden yesterday!

In past years at this time, I was always out in my garden pulling out spent plants and doing some general garden maintenance and cleanup, winding down my gardening season for the year. However, with the late start I was given this year due to the falling maple tree, I have discovered I can extend my garden season by quite a bit. At this moment, there is not one area in any of my gardens that is empty (except, of course the newly built and yet to be filled with soil beds). I have plants that are bearing, plants that are blooming and getting ready to bear, and seedlings in all stages peeking out of the soil. Some may not produce before our first freeze, but I'm taking the chance that they just might. What is there to lose, besides a few seeds?

Just look at those baby yellow crookneck squash! How can there be so many on one stem, and can they possibly mature?

Does everyone's kitchen windowsill look like mine all summer?

The kitchen scraps I trench composted gave me quite a surprise. The two shrivelled sweet potatoes provided my neighbor, Pat, and each with a freebie potted plant!

I have a feeling those beans are going to be hard to pick. I'll never find them all in that lush growth. They are just beginning to blossom, and I should have another six weeks before it freezes, so they just might make it! The "ski pole beans" have reached the top now, so I must find a longer pole for them to climb.

I'm still getting a lot of food from the garden. I pick every other day now, and usually have around 6-7 pounds at a time. I found a zucchini yesterday, after I had photoed the day's take. They have slowed to the point that I now miss them. I never thought I'd ever say that, after the multitudes produced earlier!

I really need to get to the nursery for compost to put in the new beds. I decided to double up the raspberry bed and go with just one for now. That way I can build another next year (when Mr. Husband isn't looking) and put the suckering raspberry canes in it. Or, I may find that one 8-foot bed is enough for just the two of us. I got the bed built and put in 4x4 posts at each end to attach the crossbars for supporting the canes.

Having only one strawberry bed and one raspberry bed means I'll have enough room to put in two raised beds (no wood sides!) to fill out the north garden. Those will probably be planted in corn and melons.

I have this fantasy...well, not actually a fantasy, I'm stealing the idea from someone else...of three brightly painted ladders, of different heights, with melon vines climbing all over them. Possibly a pretty blue morning glory vine mingling with the large melon leaves. Paint the ladders bright blue, orange and yellow. Giant yellow sunflowers in the corner, hollyhocks and blue delphiniums against the fence, a cheery birdhouse atop the post in the raspberry bed. Lavender clematis and trailing blue lobelia in a bright blue pot....

Uh...on second thought, maybe NO.


  1. Granny, I just love your garden! It's nice to see someone take the time to construct something that is both functional, as well as beautiful. Keep up the good work! You rock Granny!


  2. Thank you, EG. And welcome to my blog! I love having "old friends" stop by.

  3. I think the blue pot is cool! I'd just move it off of the blue mulch. :p