September 28, 2009: Monday Harvest

*Each week Daphne's Dandelions hosts Monday Harvest. Be sure to visit her blog to see who is harvesting what this week!*

I'm late, I'm late for a very important date
No time to say "Hello", "Goodbye"
I'm late, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late

I'm late for Monday Harvest. It seems as though I've been late for nearly everything these past few weeks. I did recuperate enough to get to the grocery store today, and I got out to the garden long enough to pick more tomatoes and a bit of mesclun for the rabbit. My neighbor and I visited across the fence, and she commented that my green peppers were the sweetest she had ever eaten. I invited her to grab her bucket and help herself to some more, as I want to get all the tender crops harvested by Wednesday, then I'll pull the plants. Of course, right after that my daughter called and said she wanted more peppers, 'cause today she did stuffed peppers topped with my home canned sweet chili sauce and it was "awesome". So I hope Pat didn't pick all the peppers! I thought the 13 1/2 pints of sweet chili sauce that I canned this year was overkill, but with everyone loving it, I might have to do one more batch. It would be a good way to get rid of the kitchen counter full of tomatoes that are staring at me and screaming to be cooked.

9/22 - 12 oz. parsnips, 24 oz. bush beans, 2 pounds 8 oz. tomatoes. It had been a bit of a dry spell on green beans, as I'm letting the pole beans dry for seed. This late planting of bush beans was quite welcome, and tasted even better than the spring beans did.

9/24 - 3 pounds 2 oz. cucumbers, 4 pounds 3 oz. tomatoes. I'm beginning to pick tomatoes that are showing any little bit of color. It won't be long until the vines freeze, and they are just loaded with green tomatoes....seems such a waste to lose them.

9/26 - 6 pounds 4 oz. bell peppers that went to my daughter.

9/25 - 4 pounds 7 oz. tomatoes, 9 oz. strawberries, 6 oz. jalapenos, 10 oz. bell peppers, 6 oz. bush beans, 4 oz. cucumbers

9/27 - 6 pounds 4 oz. tomatoes

9/28 - 6 pounds tomatoes, 5 oz. lettuce/mesclun, 5 oz. bell peppers

My counter is full of produce, the refrigerator is bulging. The cucumber vines have been pulled, and the last zucchini plant will probably go tomorrow, along with the Juliet tomato.

Total harvest for week: 38 pounds
Total harvest for year: 889.6 pounds


  1. Wowie. You must be feeling a little better! That's a pile of produce to plow through patiently and persistently.

  2. Stefaneener, I'm not too patient with it at this point. It's more like I'm sitting here glaring at it. I'm about burned out when it comes to gardening enthusiasm, it's a good thing it's coming to an end.

  3. You know AG.... if you just hung out at the Washington homestead for just a few more weeks... you probably would hit the half ton mark for your 2009 harvest tally! ;D

  4. KitsapFG, I have no doubt I could hit that mark by picking all the green tomatoes. What with tomatoes, carrots and parsnips, I think the mark would be hit quite easily. My neighbor has promised to weigh the peppers she took today.

  5. I quit. :)

    Get to feeling better soon!

  6. I want to see you hit the half ton mark too. That would be great. I'm hoping to hit 1/5th of that by the end of the season. I hope I make it.

  7. very nice harvest...hope you feel ALL better soon!

  8. LOL, Ribbit. Do you feel rejected this morning? I just rejected three more of your identical get well comments. Blogger must have burped ;-)

    Daphne, it might be close. I hadn't planned on weighing the dried beans, but maybe I should....every ounce might count at this point ;-)

    Thanks, Shawn Ann. I actually feel half human this morning. Here's hoping for no more relapses

  9. AG, I hope you get rid of the last of 'the nasties' soon, you just can't seem to catch a break!

    Those green beans were looking pretty good, speaking of beans congrats on the first of the seed saving!

  10. Kelly, I hope so too! I haven't had a sinus infection like this in years, and I should have given in and gone to the doctor a week ago. I just keep thinking it has to get better soon, and there's no sense getting antibiotics when it's on its way out.

    I can't see myself being a really good seed saver. It's one thing to dry a few beans or scoop a few seeds from a pepper, quite another to save broccoli, lettuce, etc. I'll probably still buy most of my seeds in packets ;-)