September 7, 2009: Monday Harvest

*Each week Daphne's Dandelions hosts Monday Harvest. Be sure to visit her blog to see who is harvesting what this week!*

 8/31 - 24 pounds pumpkins, 1 pound 3 oz. pole beans, 3 pounds 5 oz. tomatoes, 7 oz. bell pepper, 9 oz. jalapenos, 1 pound 15 oz. zucchini, 1 pound 8 oz. cucumbers, 1 pound 4 oz. strawberries, 8 oz. potatoes, not shown....these were from two rotting (store bought) potatoes I planted in a laundry basket.  They were all cooked for dinner, and were delicious!

9/1 - 2 pounds 3 oz. tomatoes  (no photo)

9/2 - 2 pounds 4 oz. tomatoes & 1 pound bell peppers (to Pat, no photo), 4 pounds 14 oz. cucumbers, 7 pounds 10 oz. tomatoes

9/3 - 12 oz. beets, 6 oz. tomatoes, 13 oz. cucumbers, 14 oz. strawberries, 1 pound 10 oz. zucchini

9/4 - 6 pounds 4 oz. tomatoes, 1 pound 4 oz. cucumbers, 1 pound 10 oz. jalapenos

9/5 - 1 pound 11 oz. pole beans, 3 oz. green onions, 8 oz. herbs (parsley), 2 oz. spinach

 9/6 - 19 pounds 12 oz. tomatoes, 10 oz. zucchini, 10 oz. bell peppers, 4 oz. jalapeno peppers, 6 oz. cucumbers

Total harvest for the week:  91 pounds
Total harvest for 2009:  770 pounds


  1. You pulled out a lot of your tomato plants, but your harvest doesn't seem to slow down at all. You still have baskets of tomatoes. I can't believe your strawberries are still going so well. I'll have to think about everbearing strawberries.

  2. Daphne, just make sure they are day neutral strawberries. Some everbearing just bear twice a season, the day neutral bear constantly.

  3. Outstanding! Your harvest totals are really amazing and so beautiful to look at.

  4. It is always such a pleasure visiting your blog Annie, you have such an abundance of crops, and all so delicious looking. (Oh and I like the pose with Annie!)

  5. Heskie, the amount of food I've taken from this garden has exceeded my expectations. Actually, had I been diligent about succession planting, and not in a hurry to remove the squash and pumpkin vines, it could have been much more. If I had waited for the potatoes to mature, they would have weighed twice as much (but not been half as good tasting). I have kept a spreadsheet this year, of just how much I harvested of each crop. It's rather surprising, as my garden really isn't all that large.