September 9, 2009: It's Meme Again!

Maybe good things come in fours.  Shawn Ann, of Shawn Ann's Garden, has also tagged me for a meme award!  She's a sweetheart, though.  She's not going to make me do the guidelines yet again. 

Do make a visit to Shawn Ann's blog.  She is just the sweetest, and she's going to have a new baby soon!  I don't know how she manages taking care of her three-year-old twins, a household and her garden with an impending birth!

Thank you, Shawn Ann!  I am very happy to accept this award from you.


  1. LOL! Meme is making its rounds isn't it? I would have tagged you too, but you were already tagged twice before I chose my seven. I enjoyed learning more about you in the post below.

    You are a great inspiration. I have learned a lot from you. Thank you for sharing your gardening experiences with us. ☺

  2. GrafixMuse, thank you for the kind words. Hmmm, maybe I could start a meme collection. :-)

  3. Thanks Granny for your kind words! I don't know how I manage it either...that is why the garden doesn't get as much attention as it did earlier in the season! And I am not sure you should talk...your busy work makes me exhausted just reading about it! LOL!

  4. Oh, you're killing me. FOOD!!!

    Don't know where you over-winter in AZ, but have you been to Chiricahua National Monument??? LOVELY! You have to go-no matter where you reside, it couldn't be more than a day trip for you. WOW!

  5. Sue, I have not been there. It's 300 miles from our AZ place, and unfortunately Mr. H hates sight seeing. We did go to Montezuma Castle National Monument once, and he sat in the car while I did the tour :-(

    I've missed out on a lot through my lifetime by having a husband that must hurry from point A to point B, with absolutely no stopping in between.