June 10, 2009: Today's Harvest & the Garden at Night

Two trips to the garden today brought me.......

My first head of cabbage (1 lb. 10 oz.), 2 oz. basil, 9 oz. sugar snap peas and a 4 oz. garlic.

Nine oz. baby carrots and 6 oz. lettuce.

The Garden at Night
Granny's outside flashing again!

I see a lot of tiny green beans, so it won't be long now!

Baby green bean

Baby purple bean

I tried to dig under a potato plant to see if I could scavenge a few babies, but I couldn't feel a thing. Wouldn't it be terrible if none of my seed potatoes produced? I don't think there's any chance of that, it's just difficult to dig under the plants in a raised bed.

Those slow growing Yukon Golds have overtaken the earlier red what-evers, and are a good six inches taller now. That's a yard stick in the photo, people! Just look how tall those babies are!

Pretty nasturtiums peeking out from behind their leaves. I'm seeing orange, salmon, yellow and red flowers on them now.

For EG, who has pumpkin seedlings. Ha-ha, I have a REAL pumpkin plant. Seedlings are for sissies ;-) This beauty is from seeds Daphne sent. It looks like it has a bit of powdery mildew, but that's actually fine grass clippings that got thrown onto it when Mr. H mowed the lawn.


  1. Granny, wow, things look great.
    When I was at my friends house I couldn't believe how tall her Yukons were. I've grown em for years and have never seen them so tall. What are you guys doing????
    Secret potions??

  2. Every thing is looking great you are way ahead of me. You must have been out in the garden about the time I was crawling out of bed.


  3. Hello Granny!

    What a great harvest! I just love the pretty colors in those carrots!

    Look at that garlic bulb! I've got to learn about raising garlic! We love garlic!

    Shoot with all that great produce to eat... you're going to live well past 150... so go ahead and buy that composter... LOL! ; )

    Have a fun day!

  4. Granny - Sissy??? hmpf! The reason I waited to plant my pumpkins 'til now, is so they will mature just before halloween. :-) I think a special squash post will take place on my blog, just for you! Hee Hee...

  5. Fun to see the baby green beans forming! Mine are not quite that far along yet - but it won't be long.

    Thanks for the evening stroll through the garden!

  6. Nice pumpkin vine :> I'm glad someone can grow them. I wish I could.

    You keep harvesting more and more every day. Can the two of you keep up with all the harvest?

  7. WOW! And here I was, happy I got 8 sugar snap peas last night!

  8. Good morning Sue, John, Toni, EG, KitsapFG, Daphne and Jen.

    EG, somehow I knew you'd do something in retaliation. ;-)

    Daphne, When I have too many greens, I send salads home with three kids. I also share with my next door neighbor. In fact, I've planted zucchini and cucumbers on her side of the fence, 'cause I ran out of room for them! Most of my lettuce and all the spinach have now bolted, so that has slowed the harvest somewhat.

    Jen, I wish I only had eight sugar snaps. I'm going to have to start freezing them, we're getting tired of stir-fry every night. Last night Mr. H rebelled. I had stir-fry, he ordered take out pizza!

  9. Thank you, Tink! And welcome to my blog!

  10. I see you got some nice purple carrots this time. Your harvest just keeps getting better and better. Your beans are looking good. So how long did they take to germinate? I sowed some about 2 weeks ago and still nothing. I can't image every one rotted, its hardly even rained lately.

  11. I love anyone that calls EG - a man with a size 15 flip-flop, a sissy! LOLOL That was hilarious.

    Wow, I'm totally jealous of all of it. I have to live vicariously through my garden blogging friends since my garden is a flop again.

    I love your big pumpkin plants and bushy taters and the little harvest was great! I love sugar snap peas and they're on my list to grow next time...

  12. Kate, if I didn't love EG whole bunches, I wouldn't dare talk to him like that. I usually call him Poopy-head instead of sissy!

    You really need to put in raised beds. No flooding, hardly any weeding and lots of veggies!

  13. Dan, I didn't write down the dates of germination. However, I have a photo of my first bean. Planted 4/9 Burpee's Stringless Green Pod bush (4/20 took photo of first bean) 11 very cool days from planting until germination. It was cold. I really took a chance planting these, but it was 50-cents worth of seeds from the dollar store. Unbelievable how healthy and big they are, and loaded with blossoms! The others were planted 4/15, but I don't have a photo until 24 days later. By then they all had their first set of true leaves.

  14. Your harvest looks beautiful! You are getting so much out of your garden this year, I can't wait to see all your pumpkins and squashes be pickable. I'm starting to feel so impatient with my garden. I want food now!

  15. Cynthia, I was excited to see blossoms and baby yellow crookneck squash tonight! The pumpkin has formed a few buds, too. I'm expecting to be overwhelmed with green (and purple) beans really soon!

  16. Beautiful night photos. Your potatoes look so wonderful! My attempt at potatoes failed this year. Next year, I'm going for it full throttle, starting with proper seed potatoes. I tried a potato from the store...I should've known.

  17. Kalena Michele, Thank you! Yes, many times store bought potatoes fail, as they may have been treated with something that keeps them from sprouting. I can't remember the last time I had any sprout on me, but just this month I bought a 10 pound sack of them, and they all sprouted! I planted a couple of them in an old clothes basket, and I sure would like to find room for the others. That would be a LOT of potatoes for us!